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Ok, so the Theramore events been ongoing now for just under a week. I’m afraid I have to share the opinion of so many others that have gone before me this week. What were they thinking???
If you have ready the book “Tides of War” (a book that I enjoyed for the most part, minus a bit of niggling about Go’el’s part), then you probably know just how epic the happenings at Theramore were. Blizzard let us down in the implementing.

If you haven’t read the books, good luck trying to work out wtf just happened.

If you’re alliance, well, I read about the story line you guys got. I’m glad I don’t have a high enough item level to play that side.

And for everyone expecting a world event………. well…….

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be playing wow even though I’m disappointed. I look forward to playing dual panda’s in just a little over a day. I actually went out laptop shopping yesterday to make it easier to level it through my Refer a Friend ( I ❤ my Obsidian Nightwing). I plan on making the panda monk my new main, tank. Side note: the laptop was a decision I came to a long time ago for non-wow reasons, so haters can stop hating now.

But lets get down to the reasons you guys are here, the goodies! As I mentioned last week the blog will be on vacation for the next couple weeks. Fear not I will return. (Well, maybe you should fear since the returning theme is Hallows End for October!)

First up is a new Live Wallpaper. Showcasing the town in all it’s, er, pre-bombing splendor! You can get Dreamscene to run this on your desktop here.

Download the video here!

Also as promised, here is the newest track from Thegreyfoo

If you are interested in a bit of leveling music while you travel through the Mists, you should check out Fire Mage Radio. Special thanks to Mority for hosting the site until Krasus can bring it back to us full time. Look for it to be available about Tuesday midnight Aussie time (that’s about Monday afternoon for us Yanks). I’ll have a full post on these guys in the future.  The best in WoW Parody.


The Conclave of Wind, 25 man The Throne of the Four Winds

The Conclave is a set of 3 bosses, Anshal, Rohash, and Nezir. The fight takes place among the 3 platforms where the bosses are located and the fight is a marriage of mechanics and coordination. Its important for each individual in this fight to be constantly aware of not just the mechanics, but the role they need to perform and when. These three bosses do not share a health pool, but they do need to be killed within 60 seconds of each other, as when each one dies they send a buff to the other called ‘Gathering Power’. If they do not die within this time they will begin to regenerate.

The Mechanics: First to note, the bosses do share a Power Bar. When this reaches 100%, they will each cast their ultimate power and the launch pad between the platforms will disappear. The power bar will become a useful tool in knowing at what times you should be moving. You also cannot leave a platform with no one on it, as that boss’ abilities will then become raid-wide. During the ultimate channels, most of your raid will be on Nezir. The first channel is an ideal time to Bloodlust.

Anshal, Nature: This is the first platform to the left. The first thing he will do is cast Soothing Winds. This looks like a green circle on the ground, if the boss or any adds are left within this circle they will be healed by it and additionally any raid member within it will be silenced while remaining inside. You will of course want to keep everyone and everything out of this circle for its 30 second duration.

Anshal will start to summon adds with his Nurture ability. These need to be downed quickly and hopefully before your team needs to switch platforms. These Ravenous Creepers both melee and cast Toxic Spores which deals nature damage every second for 5 seconds. This effect can stack 25 times but the range of this is only 8 yards of the add. The way we handled these adds was a combination of slowing the adds and kiting them, and having hunters distracting shot the ones that would reach their target. Make sure your hunters are saving the cooldown on Distracting Shot and dropping the frost traps. You will want to keep both the adds and the boss out of the center of the platform. He will cast Soothing Winds on himself or the adds, and when ultimate happens he teleports to the center of his platform, you don’t want him to be healing himself during this.
While you should strive to kill all of the adds, at lower gear levels, you might struggle. Know this: it is more important to make it to Nezir to absorb the ultimate than get the last one or two down. you’ll have time before Anshal casts his next set to get down any stragglers.

Zephyr is Anshal’s ultimate ability. It will heal any remaining adds as well as give them 15% damage increase for 15 seconds, an effect which stacks. Your tanks will want to use Shield Wall or other similar cooldowns.

Rohash, Wind: This is the first platform to the right. Rohash will consistently cast Slicing Gale which damages a random target and increases the nature damage they take by 15% for 30 seconds, an effect that also stacks.

Rohash summons three tornadoes which will circle randomly around the room. They cause damage to anyone who gets within 10 yards of them and knocks them back.

Wind Blast is where Rohash will circle slowly around the platform, causing damage every second to anyone caught in front of him. In addition they will be knocked back 200 yards off the platform (unless you hit a pole). Melee should have their cameras positioned in such a way as they can see what direction he is facing at all times, and hopefully still be able to see the tornadoes.

Hurricane is Rohash’s ultimate ability. It creates a vortex which launches everyone on the platform up into the air. All raid members on this platform will take damage every second for 15 seconds, and in addition, will also take fall damage at the end of this ability. The best idea would be to put 2 melee on this platform, rogues or kitty druids as they will take less fall damage and lose less down time than say a shadow priest or mage using the slower free falling spells. Your heals on this platform must be watching the timer as the melee will have to be topped off before the vortex as they can only cast instants during it. In addition, Rohash will also immediately cast a Slicing Gale after his ultimate channel.

Nezir, Frost: Nezir is located on the far platform from the entrance. He does have more hit points then his other two companion bosses, 25 million as opposed to Rohash and Anshal’s 17 million. His abilities are also far more devastating.

Wind Chill deals damage to everyone on the platform and gives them a stacking debuff which increases frost damage taken by 10% for 30 seconds. It will become necessary to have people switch platforms, or bubble off this effect a few times during the fight. This being one of the key areas where your coordination comes in to play since you cannot leave any platform empty.

Ice Patch looks the same as a hunter’s frost trap except larger and more painful to you, you don’t want to stand in this one. Like the trap, the patch will slow your movement speed by 10%. In addition it will cause frost damage per second.

Permafrost is a cone that channels out from the front of Nezir. Anyone caught in this cone will receive frost damage per second for the 3 seconds its active.

Sleet Storm is Nezir’s ultimate ability. It deals huge amounts of frost damage to everyone on the platform per second for 15 seconds. This damage is split between the raid members, so you will want to have the larger portion of your raid on this platform when the power bar reaches its maximum.

Now for the coordination. This is how our team handled it, how you choose to do it will of course depend on your composition and raids’ abilities.

Tanks: first, Rohash does not require a tank so this is still a two tank fight. Where a pally is ideal on Nezir to bubble off the Wind Chill stacks, its not necessary. Start off by having one tank on Anshal who will want to be at max distance to kite him out of the Soothing Winds, and one on Nezir. When the boss’ power bar hits 80, have your tanks be ready to switch between Anshal’s and Nezir’s platforms. As soon as Permafrost is cast, switch. The remainder of the raid should also be watching for this change as the tanks will need a moment to switch and pick up their new boss. Communication is a must to time this properly.

Healing: Heals are a bit more complicated, and where a lot of your coordination comes in. While its not completely necessary to have specific healing classes, there are some places and platforms where some healers will make a better choice. I’m listing our own healers we used in order to help show how we coordinated. We start off with 2 healers on Anshal, Priest and Shaman. On Nezir we have 3, Paladin, Shaman, and Druid. Finally on Rohash we have a Druid. The Shamans switch between Nezir and Anshal at about 7 stacks, keeping them low to save on our output healing. These tend to coordinate well with when the tanks switch off too, especially the first jump. The Druid on Nezir will jump over to Rohash’s platform when he gets to about 12 stacks of the debuff to clear his own stacks. The Paladin healer on Nezir remains on that platform through the entire fight, he bubbles off his stacks when they reach 18. The original Druid on Rohash and the Priest on Anshal also remain on their platforms through the entire fight. The druid as he can quickly shift to cat to help offset the fall damage after the ultimate cast, and the Priest for his damage reduction cooldowns on the tank after the ultimate cast as he will be hitting 15% harder for 15 seconds.

Melee: With the exception of the rogue’s/kitty’s you leave on Rohash’s platform, your melee will be moving together as a team. They’ll start off on the Wind platform to the right, taking the boss down as much as possible, until the boss’ power bar reaches between 70-75. At this point they will want to migrate to Nezir to be on that platform for the ultimate channel. After the channel is done, they move back to Rohash. They continue moving between these 2 bosses during the ultimate until Rohash is below 15% health. At that point, they move to Nezir and only move to Anshal to clear their stacks. Melee will stay on Nezir until he is below 15% health. Melee then moves to Anshal to focus on getting the boss down while the range continue to handle the adds. Once all the boss’s are around 10-15% health, the melee will begin to kill them off in the order of Anshal>Nezir>Rohash.

Range: Range will start out on Anshal’s platform, their primary function here will be to kill all the adds. The goal is to keep the adds moving without actually getting too close to anyone. This should keep them from melee’ing anyone or hitting them with their Toxic Spores if done correctly. Hunters will of course want to drop their frost traps to slow them, or Shamans for Earthbind. While you do want to slow them, you don’t want them to be rooted in place. When the boss’ power bar reaches 70-75, range should leave any adds that are not already down and jump over to Nezir for the ultimate channel. Its important not to wait on this, as once the channel begins, all the launch pads will disappear and you will be locked to the platform you are currently on (while this goes for everyone, your range will likely be more susceptible, as they will be more focused on downing the adds). After the channel, go back to Anshal to handle any adds that may be left over, as well as any further adds that are spawned.

If you can stay coordinated and keep a clear head on this fight, it will become fairly easy to down it regularly.

Valiona and Theralion, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

The twin Dragons are purely a mechanical fight. Your raid will need to have a high degree of awareness in order to down this dastardly duo. You’ll see as you start this fight, that you will only face one dragon at a time while the other flies around the room. Each one has separate abilities that your raid will need to contend with. We started off the fight by pulling Valiona first. The dragons share a health pool, but they do not share threat, so each dragon will need to be picked up as soon as possible as they are landing. Dps be weary of the dragon landing. Bloodlust is used off the bat.

The first ability is Blackout. She will target someone at random (besides the tank) with this ability. Your raid will almost immediately begin to stack underneath her tail. Blackout causes mass damage to its target. This debuff is dispelable but doing so will cause the damage from the debuff to explode as an aoe effect instead. This damage is split between all members in the area and as such all of your raid should be in this proximity to offset the damage. As soon as Blackout is dispelled, everyone will need to spread out asap.

Theralion will be pelting the raid with shadowy bolts called Twilight Blast. These blasts will target a player and cause 19k to 21k of damage to anyone within 8 yards of each other, so its important to stay apart at all times during his air phase, except during Blackout.

Another ability of Valiona’s is Devouring Flames. It acts the same as her breath in Grim Batol, spraying a shadowy cone of fire in the direction she faces.  This fire takes up half of the room, and anyone remaining standing inside of it will die by the end, overall its 100k of damage over 3 seconds. The way to avoid this would depend on where you are when she faces you. If its dead on and you’re far enough back with room behind you, run backward to outdistance it (no backpedaling!!). If you’re closer to the edges of the flame, and/or her, strafe out and possibly run toward her. Just whatever you do, choose the fastest route to get out of this, your healers will thank you.

After two blackouts and breaths, Theralion will begin to cast Dazzling Destruction. This starts off as swirling light purple clouds on the ground that take up a lot of space. After 5 seconds, he will ignite these and anyone caught within the blast zone will be sent into the Twilight realm. While you should not be in this zone, if you do find yourself there be cautious to avoid the floating balls and make your way immediately to the portal in the room.  While he starts the blasts, you should immediately start making your way either to the middle (for melee) or to the floor of the opposite side (range/healers). Range will be just to the left of where you entered the room, barring any Dazzling Destruction in the way, while the melee should be behind the dragon. As the 2 dragons are transitioning, one last Blackout will go out, so you will want to have everyone running the same way to be able to stack very briefly on the way to their run points.

Once Theralion is on the ground, Valiona will begin her aerial assault. Melee should be stacked in the middle at this point, and range at the run-to area. Valiona will cast Twilight Meteor on random raid members, this is signified by a purple arrow floating over the players head. After about 6 seconds that player and anyone within 8 yards will be hit with between 117k to 123k split damage.

Shortly after the first targets are chosen for Twilight Meteor, Theralion will cast Fabulous Flames. This is a big purple circle on the floor, usually directed at but not limited to, the range group. Our range team stayed prepared for this, and immediately run to the left as soon as it lands.

Theralion’s other ground ability is called Engulfing Magic, and it will wipe raids easily if people are not paying attention or anticipating it, HoT and DoT casters in particular. Everyone will want to try to watch their casts just prior to this going out, so that you are not stuck with a massive spell-converted-to-raid-damage raid blowup. Two people will be targeted with this debuff, they need to IMMEDIATELY move out of the raid, and away from each other. Depending on where your raid is positioned, up the stairs or back in the alcoves are good run places. The debuff placed on the two targets will convert any healing or damage done from that target into equal shadow damage to anyone within 10 yards of that person. It will also increase the affected person’s healing or dps by 100%, so you don’t want them to stop casting, just get away from everyone asap. The debuff lasts 20 seconds.

The last thing to happen in this phase is Valiona’s Twilight Flames. She will randomly fly over 1 of 3 sections of the room and Deep Breath a trail of purple fire on the ground. This fire inflicts 14k to 16k of shadow damage and sends anyone caught into it back into the Twilight realm. Again you shouldn’t get caught but if you do, avoid the balls and find the portal. She will cast her breath three times before she lands. Once Valiona’s down, Theralion flies back up again and the phases start over until you kill them.

Magmaw, 25 man Blackwing Descent

Magmaw is a fight which seemingly takes place in two parts. While everyone’s goal is to squish the bug, the mechanics for both your melee and range will definitely differ. One thing that is consistent for both groups though is the boss’ Lava Spew. This is basically a raid-wide aoe that just needs to be healed through.

Range should be spread toward the back of the room. In addition to dpsing the boss, they will also need to be very aware of the timer on the Pillar of Fire. As the timer hits one, your range will want to strafe to the left to avoid being tossed up in the air and taking massive damage. This also summons parasites. They have a range of 5 yards and will move in the direction of your raid. Hunters will want to drop frost traps, or have shamans dropping earthbind. You want to keep them slowed, as if they reach someone in raid (range 5 yards), they will bite and infect someone, causing more parasites to spawn. They also do a ton of damage, about 13k every 2 seconds. These quickly become unmanageable, so they need to be kited. We had a death Knight kite them with Blood Presence in dps gear.

In the melee range you’ll want to have one raid healer. Since they won’t have to move for the pillar they can provide steady heals to the melee and tank while your range are moving out of stuff. It’s important to note that at least one person will need to be in melee range of him at all times, as he will wipe the raid if there is not. You want to position melee on the left side of the edge, and your tank on the right hand side. Melee’s fairly simple to begin with, stand on the edge of the hole, and hit the boss. You will probably want to save your long cooldowns however.

There is one thing the melee will want to watch out for, Ignition, and looks like a large patch of steam on the floor. Strafe out of this, it’s the boss’ fire breath and it will hurt if you don’t move. When the kiting phase of the parasites is over, your tank will be picked up in Magmaw’s mouth, this is his Mangle ability. This will last for 30 seconds or until he becomes chained. During this time the tank will take 147,500 of chewing damage every second. It’s a good idea to have a paladin tanking the boss as they are able to bubble off this damage. The boss won’t melee while the tank is in his mouth. Once the tank is spat out, he will get a debuff called Sweltering Armor that lasts 60 seconds, which reduces armor by 50%. If the melee has not spiked the boss within 30 seconds of Mangle, the boss will swallow your tank, killing him.

As the tank is being nommed on, the boss will become mountable.You want two melee on this with quick reactions. As soon as they mount up, they’ll see that their bar’s converted to vehicle and they should have an option to chain the boss. Clicking this option will give them a targeting circle which they need to place over the spike in the floor. What this will do is pull the boss’ head to the ground and impale it on the spike in the middle of the floor, bug brains anyone? Once impaled, you will want to blow all of your cooldowns as this is the period when Magmaw takes the most damage, 100% increased, so use bloodlust during this first damage phase. Being as there is no damage going out during this phase, your healers will want to use this opportunity to catch up on their mana regen, or preferably do some dps if able. Eventually he will break free, and in doing so will make everyone’s threat table equal. Your tank will want to be fast on the taunt here, as the boss will attack the first person to hit him. From there its just a repeat of his abilities. Just keep it up, pay attention, and you’ll win the fight.

Omnitron Defense System, 25 man Blackwing Descent

The key to winning Omnitron is coordination and raid awareness. What you are basically dealing with is four constructs, with 2 being available at all times except at the beginning. The order they are active is determined when you start the pull, and will continue to be in the same order for the rest of that attempt. You need to know when to stack up, when to spread out, and when to run from the group. Each of the constructs has its own abilities that people need to be watching out for. I’ll try to touch on each of these things to help you through the fight. Shields will be covered a little later. We blow Bloodlust at the initial pull of each attempt, but its not a dps race as there is no enrage timer. Some good points though would be during Arcanotron when everyone is stacked for Power Generator, or Toxitron for Chemical Bomb.

If Electron is available in any capacity, your raid needs to be spread out 10 yards, that takes priority over any other active boss positions. He does a chain lightning effect (Electrical Discharge) that will cause a lot of damage to your raid (29-31k per person), as well as making someone in your raid a Lightning Conductor (24k-26k every 2 seconds, aoe damage). So again, its important to stay spread when he’s up.

As a healer, the next important boss to me is Arcanotron. The reason for this is his Power Generator ability, while this increases damage by 50% for all targets in 5 yards of it (enemy or friend) it also regenerates mana. It looks like a swirly white-ish blue/purple cloud under his feet. So the key here is to kite him out of these so he does not get the buff, and your range will want to all stack up on this to get the damage and/or mana regen effect. Unless Electron is up, stack on the swirly! Your tank will only want to move him just out of this so that melee will get the buff as well. He also has an Arcane Annihilator ability which NEEDS to be interrupted, it will do 48k-52k of damage to one random target otherwise. For this reason its good to have a Warrior, Death Knight, or Druid tanking him for the interruptions. One note here on his shield, it creates a buff that a mage can, and for our grouping should, spell-steal it. It will give them 10% magic damage and haste. As well, this buff should be actively dispelled, especially if you don’t have a lot of mages. (We have one, good raiding horde mages should apply to extrabagspace.org) You do not want this to stack at all, so macro accordingly.

The next dangerous construct is Toxitron. For the most part of this fight, again you will want to be stacked up unless your dealing with Elecrton (I can’t stress this guy enough). Chances are, the first thing you’ll see about this guy is the poison aoe he drops on the ground. This is actually a Chemical Bomb that he’s thrown at a random target. You want to have your group out of this as it causes 50% increased damage dealt to anyone inside it. Because this effects everyone and everything, you do want to try positioning the boss inside this to get him down faster. The other ability of this boss is Poison Protocol. If you’re using good mods (BigWigs is pretty good for this currently) you will be able to see who this is effecting. If you see your name come up, you basically want to put some distance between both your raid and the slimes. If they catch up to you, they will one shot you. Not only that, they will leave a void zone on the ground. Hunters (or Shamans if need be) should be dropping frost traps (Earthbind) to keep them slowed, all dps not targeted should prioritize killing these before they get to their targets, play smart and move away to give them the room you and they need. Melee should start moving out in advance for this, and it will not target its current tank (despite what your mods might say).

Finally, you will have to contend with Magmatron. You guessed it, stack up unless Electron is up. The key to surviving him relies on individual’s raid awareness. He uses Acquiring Target which will draw a red beam between himself and a target chosen at random. If you are targeted with this ability, he will be casting Flamethrower on you, so you need to IMMEDIATELY run OUT of the raid, preferably in an arch so that he turns with you. If you just run forward or backward, you will wipe most of your raid. If you just strafe to the side, chances are you will still clip your raid with this fiery cone of effect, killing a few people. When Magmatron is up, you will want to keep a sharp eye out on where you and others are positioned at all times, especially if you’re unlucky and get Electron active at the same time. Just because your raid may not be stacked up for him is not reason enough to allow others to die because you decided to cone them, and obviously it doesn’t hurt to run away if someone has the beam near you. The other ability he has is Incineration Security Measure. This is a raid-wide aoe fire effect designed to keep your healers out of mana =P. Basically its just something more to heal through, you can’t interrupt it, but its only 14k-16k every second for 4 seconds so by itself its not devastating (but of course you’ll never just have one thing to contend with, eh?)

Shields. Shields are designed to force you to change from one tron to the next. Every tron has one, and every one of them hurts the longer you continue to dps the target once its up. If your raid is paying attention to these coming up and switching, the rest of this paragraph should be moot. However we are not in a perfect world, and chances are your raid will also probably contend with this in the beginning. So here’s some of what you may see killing you as you get used to this fight. First up, Backdraft. Magmatron’s Barrier absorbs 450k of damage, if its broken, it will explode inflicting 73k to 78k to everyone in your raid. Electron’s Unstable Shield will basically fire back at anything that attacks it. Static Shock is activated when someone causes damage to the shield and will inflict 58k to 62k in retaliation. Arcanotron’s shield is Power Conversion. This shield converts damage against it into 10% magic damage and attack speed. It is spell-stealable so your lucky mage will get a nice buff. Finally we come to Toxitron’s Poison Soaked Shell. This is a stacking debuff that starts out by inflicting 5k of damage every 2 seconds. As well it causes spells to deal 9k to 11k of additional damage per stack per 30 seconds. It doesn’t seem much at first, but this can stack up to 100 times, so the longer you remain on him once the shield is up, the more chance you will have of dying.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

Once you’ve made your way around the entry hall’s trash packs, you’ll enter a room with several dragons and a nasty looking Ettin. With this encounter, you’ll have the ability to unlock 3 of the nearby dragons that will ‘help’ you with this encounter. Help is a loose term as once they are released, Halfus will mind control them. Our first night on this we got the Nether Scion – who gives him frenzy, and reduces raid damage dealt, but counters his frenzy; Storm Rider – who lets him cast Shadow Nova, but makes the cast time long enough to be interrupted; and the Whelps – who makes the proto-drake’s fire hit harder, but also makes the raid take less damage. The other dragons include Time Warden and Slate Dragon (covered at the end of this strategy). All abilities are given to Halfus at the start of the encounter, but the raid benefits do not happen until those dragons are freed.

For this encounter we enabled the aid of all 3 of our dragons nearly simultaneously. We did not want to have any of the abilities un-countered for more then a second or two. Especially in this case where we needed to have the Shadow Nova interrupted before a second one could go off. Hunters MD’d them to our tanks who waited patiently by the whelp cage. The rest of the raid was spread around the room at 10+ yard formations, to counteract meteors that fell from the sky. Shadow Nova seemed to be one of the most painful abilities of our encounter when interrupts were missed. It deals a fair amount of damage and knocks everyone back. As a healer, we found this hard to heal through and never seemed to gain any ground when the interrupts were missed.

As soon as the tanks had gained aggro on the dragons, we blew Bloodlust to open the fight. This gave our cleavers full charge to blow their cooldowns and cause massive damage to the dragons. In this way we were able to gain 2 more minutes on the boss before his enrage timer kicked in. The rest of the raid focused on killing Nether Scion, while keeping everything else tanked close for the cleaves. Healers will also have to manage their mana until gear levels us out more. My husband and I ran through 4 mana tide totems between the 2 of us, calling out our drops between the rooms.

I have to stress how important it is for this particular combination to make sure that every Shadow Nova is interrupted. It CAN NOT be missed. Your healers cannot, at this stage of the game, heal through the damage.

Once the dragons are down, Halfus will retain their buffs and debuffs. Once he reaches 50% he will start casting Furious Roar. This ability will stun the raid three times, making movement limited and blocking all raid abilities for its duration, he will do this every 30 seconds so plan your cooldowns accordingly. As soon as the stuns are over he will cast a Shadow Nova that needs to be interrupted. We had our mages blink on the 3rd stun and counterspell this immediately. With our raid’s output we still missed the enrage timer, fortunately he was at .8% and our living dps and dots was enough to still take him out.

Side Note: Just to make a note of the dragons that we did not get in this encounter. Time Warden gives his proto-drake the ability to cast fireballs, which will show up on the ground as fire that needs to be dodged by the raid. And Slate Dragon gives him Malevolent Strikes, which causes a stacking healing debuff, the tanks will need to taunt off each other to counteract this. As well the dragon will stun the raid and Halfus for 15 seconds throughout the encounter.

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Argaloth Pit Lord strategy, Baradin Hold

Basically winning this fight will depend on 2 things. One, your dispellers, and two, your dps.

This badass has a 5 minute enrage timer, so you will need to have a good team capable of burning him down. He does 3 basic things to your group. Meteor Slash, Consuming Darkness, and Fel Firestorm.

To start off the fight, you want to split your raid into 2 relatively equal groups before you do your pull. Once you’ve begun to run in, you will want to stack DIRECTLY on top of your tank (2 tanks regardless of its 10/25 of course). One group to his left, the other to his right. One of the first things you’ll see is his Meteor Slash. If you’ve played WoW before Cata this probably won’t be a new mechanic for you. In 25 man, this will drop 475k damage split between everyone on the side of the tank that currently has aggro (200k for 10 man). Once the Meteor Strike’s gone out, it will leave a debuff called Meteor Slash, which makes it necessary for your opposite tank to then taunt so that no one side is taking consistent strikes. The debuff stacks, which increases the fire damage taken.

The second thing you will notice, and in short order of the fight starting, will be the Consuming Darkness Magic debuff. This needs to be dispelled as FAST AS POSSIBLE. For our 25 man group, we assigned healers to cover the groups. Priests are pro for their mass dispel, but Shamans and Paladins work too. Its important to dispel as soon as possible as the debuff causes 3900-4100 damage every .5 seconds and lasts 15 seconds or until dispelled. Nasty business that.

At 66% and 33% he will stop his meteor strikes and debuffs and cast Fel Firestorm. Its important for your group to break up a split second before this casts and scatter away from anyone nearby. Small green meteors will fall from the sky, and forms Fel Flame on the ground where they land. Avoid these as much as possible as the fire causes 8.2k to 8.8k of damage for as long as you are standing in them. Have your locks pass out health stones before the fight, or make sure you have health pots for this as your healers will also be separated and running as well. Run back to your tanks as this ability begins to end.

Aside from this, much of your fight will depend on whether your dps team can get him down before the 5 minute berserk timer goes off and your raid gets slaughtered. If you can manage it, enjoy your first taste of T11 and pvp gear!

Class Guides, Gear Lists, Heroic Guides

Yup, Cataclysm hits in just a few scant hours. Being as I’ll be trying for server first Shaman, there will likely be no more posts until I get there. That said, I have one last post of information to share with you all. A HUGE shout out to the members of Extra Bag Space for making an awesome contribution to the WoW community! Listed below is just a small portion of the guides and gear available for Cataclysm. For a full listing, check the class guides in the forum at www.extrabagspace.org and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter on the front page!

Tuesday, Dec 7th – Cataclysm Drops, Special Announcement, Resto Druid Guide 

Monday, Dec 6th – Melee Guides, headlined by Baelrog’s Frost Post.  Thank you to all that have contributed so far!

Sunday, Dec 5th – Tank Pre-raid Gear List Compendium

Saturday, Dec 4th – Mensan’s Bank Guide Summary

Friday, Dec 3rd – Shaman Pre-raid Gear List

Weds/Thurs, Dec 1st/2nd – Cataclysam 5-Man Heroic Guide/Assass Guide