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Wonder Woman Transmogrification

Welcome to the first edition of Shakarra’s Transmog Guide! The spotlight this time around is a little love for the ladies, Wonder Woman. Guys, no complaints if this gear doesn’t look nearly as HOT on you as it does us! Girls play WoW too, you know?

I’ve tried to center around gear that doesn’t take a no-life-raiding stance, or those quest rewards you long ago sold on your way to Loremaster. Everything you see can be found via drops and crafting. I will always do my best to find a piece for every armor type, and my apologies for missing shoulder pieces as of posting this my WMV is not being very cooperative with them . If you see a piece you think fits better, post it! Enjoy!

Special thanks to http://www.icy-veins.com/ for making the pieces so much easier to identify!

Wonder Woman Cloth Set

Head: Holy Diadem, Starfire Tiara -drop
Chest: Crimson Silk Vest -Tailor
Waist: Sutarn’s Ring -drop
Legs: Barbaric Loincloth -drop
Feet: Imperial Red Boots -drop /Felcloth Boots -Tailor
Wrists: Arcanoweave Bracers -Tailor
Hands: Elegant Gloves, Gossamer Gloves -drop







Wonder Woman Leather                                                                                                                                            

Head: Nightscape Headband -Leatherworker
Chest: Volcanic Breastplate, Blood Tiger Breastplate -Leatherworker
Waist: Headhunter’s Belt -drop
Legs: Nightscape Pants -Leatherworker/Shadowstalker’s Leggings -Halaa Battle Token
Feet: Wolf Rider’s Boots, Imposing Boots -drop Alt: Feral Shoes -drop
Wrists: Light Leather Bracers -Leatherworker/Dreghood Bands -drop
Hands: Fine Leather Gloves -Leatherworker/Dreghood Gloves -drop






Wonder Woman Mail

Head: Merciless Crown, Mercurial Circlet -drop/Radiant Circlet -Blacksmith/Metallic Headband of Simm’onz -quest
Chest: Battleforge Armor, Blood Knight Breastplate -drop
Waist: Sparkleshell Belt -drop
Legs: Outrunner’s Legguards -drop/Cobalt Legguards -quest
Feet: Bloodlust Boots -drop Alt: Magnificent Greeves -drop/Hero’s Boots -drop
Wrists: Sparkleshell Bracers -drop
Hands: Protector Gauntlets -drop




Wonder Woman Plate

Head: Warbringer’s Crown -drop
Chest: Commander’s Armor -drop/Andrethan’s Masterwork-quest
Waist: Glorious Belt -drop
Legs: Vanguard Legplates -drop
Feet: Bloodforged Sabatons -drop
Hands: Plated Fist of Hakoo -drop