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Back, Like a Baws!

Did you miss me?

Just kidding! I am back though after a couple of weeks exploring the wonders through the Mists. Panda haters be damned, but I do love the new zones, and yes, the new race and class.

If you don’t know that Halloween is on its way, you are obviously living in another country, or else quite deprived. But we still love you anyway <3. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be bringing you the best of my tricks and as always the treats! If you’re still playing WoW (and if you are reading this you probably are) it should be noted that Hallows End will be starting this Thursday October 18th in game.

Some things of note for this year’s Hallows End event.. Scarlet Monastery has been updated with the expansion, so I highly suggest going in and doing the Horseman at least once. The item levels will be equivalent of current MoP end game gear. If it matches Brewfest (as I’m sure it will), the level to go in will be 89. The Headless horseman’s mount is now account bound, so if you have more than one toon that is high enough take them in to try to win it. And if you haven’t been in a while, there are some new rewards that can be earned with the trick-or-treat candy like the Feline Familiar (or you can just buy one of mine of the AH $$)

Onward to the first of our Halloween goodies! Are you having a hard time deciding on your costume? Why not go as the original evil playable class, a Warlock! PMF has an awesome papercraft design for a wearable Warlock helm based on the Hood of Malefic. I put this together in relatively short time at work, and I can attest to it being big enough to be wearable… perhaps a little too big in design though.

Some comments before you get crafting though.. the horns do sag on the finished product, I used interlaced drinking straws reinforced with toothpicks taped to the underside to give a little more stability. I would advise you to glue the pieces once you have their locations mapped, it is tight enough that with the double sided tape it does get a few ‘holes’ in it. Also, this is a little difficult as far as wear-ability, there is a liner for the head built into the base, but it shifts very easily because of the weight of the horns, so you may want to think of a way to anchor this with a rubber band or pins or something.


You can find PMF’s post with the download to the pattern here

And here is my completed version, with my little Windrider Cub for reference


Stay tuned, next week will feature a double post, one for a peek at my epic Halloween playlist, and one featuring some of the best Halloween tracks released by the WoW community!!



Just 9 days left until Mists will be playable. So will you be leveling a new panda/monk? Or will you be focused on getting your main up and ready to raid? Next week will be the final blog post for one to two weeks while I work on powering up a panda monk tank to raid with my new guild, not an easy feat while working full time (Refer a friend for the win!).
Next week will feature a new live wallpaper to commemorate the memory of Theramore. There will also be a panda wow video by TheGreyfoo to hold you guys off til I’m back 😉 I will have lots of tricks and treats for you in October!

For this week, I have a couple of very cute, very easy panda girls put together by Ork Kleavage

A couple easy, small papercrafts that can fit in the palm of your hand!




So, what If I told you, you could have your own Frostsaber, whether you are alliance or horde?

Now, what if I told you, you could even take this frosty cat with you to a job that doesn’t allow you to play wow?

This puss took me more hours than my old-fashioned, pre-daily, frostsaber rep grind, but the rewards are well worth it if you ask me. He sit’s up on the edge of my cubicle where me and my neighbors can enjoy looking at him daily. Oh, did I mention the best part? HE’S MADE OF PAPER!! Yup, printed, folded paper with a bit of glue and double-sided tape. He’s only one of my current papercrafting projects, but he get’s no less attention for it. Plus he makes it easy for people to find me whenever I move desks.

A BIG shout to PMF for creating these awesome files!!!!

And now for the details on how to get your own!

The Frostsaber files can be found here.

You will need Winrar, Acrobat reader (or some variation), and MOST importantly Pepakura to read the PDO files.

My papercrafting tips:

  • Invest in lots of double-sided tape.. even if you know you’re going to end up gluing a difficult part, it’s good to stick it together first to make sure you’re matching up the right stuff. (I buy the 3-packs from Walmart)
  • Toothpicks. They are great for getting small amounts of glue to cover a small area and to even it out. Plus you can use them to smooth down, and hold a tab together where fingers can’t reach. Clothespins are also a good investment for holding together open areas when you have to use your hands for other thinks like documenting calls.
  • Work in sections. Label your tabs, pages, and openings well. It’s very easy to lose track of what goes where.
  • Plastic bags, label stickers, and/or tupperware. I put the parts for each page into separate bags, label the bags, and put the larger parts into the tupperware containers.
  • Check your pages!!! I can’t stress this one enough. One of the projects I worked on had a complete section where the printed guide didn’t match the colored cutouts. I attempted to work past it, but it became impossible (I still don’t know if those pieces ever fit together). I fixed it eventually by printing the pepakura file instead of the pdf, but I lost about two and a half weeks on the project. Also my current project has pieces that are too dark to see where the folds are, and it’s not clear about the peaks and valleys, so I had to stop what I was doing and reprint the guide from home.

Wonder Woman Transmogrification

Welcome to the first edition of Shakarra’s Transmog Guide! The spotlight this time around is a little love for the ladies, Wonder Woman. Guys, no complaints if this gear doesn’t look nearly as HOT on you as it does us! Girls play WoW too, you know?

I’ve tried to center around gear that doesn’t take a no-life-raiding stance, or those quest rewards you long ago sold on your way to Loremaster. Everything you see can be found via drops and crafting. I will always do my best to find a piece for every armor type, and my apologies for missing shoulder pieces as of posting this my WMV is not being very cooperative with them . If you see a piece you think fits better, post it! Enjoy!

Special thanks to http://www.icy-veins.com/ for making the pieces so much easier to identify!

Wonder Woman Cloth Set

Head: Holy Diadem, Starfire Tiara -drop
Chest: Crimson Silk Vest -Tailor
Waist: Sutarn’s Ring -drop
Legs: Barbaric Loincloth -drop
Feet: Imperial Red Boots -drop /Felcloth Boots -Tailor
Wrists: Arcanoweave Bracers -Tailor
Hands: Elegant Gloves, Gossamer Gloves -drop







Wonder Woman Leather                                                                                                                                            

Head: Nightscape Headband -Leatherworker
Chest: Volcanic Breastplate, Blood Tiger Breastplate -Leatherworker
Waist: Headhunter’s Belt -drop
Legs: Nightscape Pants -Leatherworker/Shadowstalker’s Leggings -Halaa Battle Token
Feet: Wolf Rider’s Boots, Imposing Boots -drop Alt: Feral Shoes -drop
Wrists: Light Leather Bracers -Leatherworker/Dreghood Bands -drop
Hands: Fine Leather Gloves -Leatherworker/Dreghood Gloves -drop






Wonder Woman Mail

Head: Merciless Crown, Mercurial Circlet -drop/Radiant Circlet -Blacksmith/Metallic Headband of Simm’onz -quest
Chest: Battleforge Armor, Blood Knight Breastplate -drop
Waist: Sparkleshell Belt -drop
Legs: Outrunner’s Legguards -drop/Cobalt Legguards -quest
Feet: Bloodlust Boots -drop Alt: Magnificent Greeves -drop/Hero’s Boots -drop
Wrists: Sparkleshell Bracers -drop
Hands: Protector Gauntlets -drop




Wonder Woman Plate

Head: Warbringer’s Crown -drop
Chest: Commander’s Armor -drop/Andrethan’s Masterwork-quest
Waist: Glorious Belt -drop
Legs: Vanguard Legplates -drop
Feet: Bloodforged Sabatons -drop
Hands: Plated Fist of Hakoo -drop

Pre-Firelands BiS Restoration Shaman and more……..

It’s that time again! Firelands 4.2 patch is rapidly approaching, and much of the gear to come from it has been announced. So it has been tasked to the Extra Bag Space members to once again wake up our collective minds and come up with a list of the best in slot items for your Firelands to do lists! On today’s list, we have available Best in Slot lists for Retribution Paladin, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, Destruction/Affliction Warlock, Feral Druid(Bear and Cat), and of course my own Restoration Shaman. All of our guides are put together, and posted in our public forums at www.extrabagspace.org. And I promise, they have Item Links!

As a focus going in to 4.2, Blizzard has seemed to put an emphasis on healers to focus on crit as a secondary stat. This seems to be even more so for resto shamans Daritos Food For Thought. With these changes in mind, I’ve weighed the BiS gear to:

Head: Erupting Volcanic Faceguard (Tier 12)/Crown of Flame – Ragnaros

Neck: Heartstone of Ryolith – Lord Rhyolith

Shoulders: Craterflame Spaulders – Alysrazor/Erupting Volcanic Mantle(Tier 12)

Back: Flowing Flamewrath Cloak – Avengers of Hyjal (Friendly): Upgraded via a Crystallized Firestone, dropped by Fireland bosses in heroic mode

Chest: Erupting Volcanic Tunic (Tier 12)

Wrist: Cauterizing Wristbands – Lord Rhyolith

Weapon: Hammer of the Firelord – Ragnaros/Dragonwrath, Terecgosa’s Rest: While the int on Dragonwrath makes this item incredible, even for healers despite the hit on it, this should still unquestionably go to casters first.

Shield: Ward of the Red Widow – Beth’tilac

Relic: Singed Plume of Aviana – 700 Valor Points: Upgraded via a Crystallized Firestone, dropped by Fireland bosses in heroic mode

Hands: Erupting Volcanic Handguards (Tier 12)

Waist: Girdle of the Flaming Foothold – Avengers of Hyjal (Honored): Upgraded via a Crystallized Firestone, dropped by Fireland bosses in heroic mode

Legs: Thoracic Flame Kilt – Beth’tilac/Erupting Volcanic Legwraps (Tier12)

Feet: Footwraps of Quenched Fire – Leatherworking Crafted/Treads of Implicit Obedience – Shannox

Rings: Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers -Avengers of Hyjal (Exalted)/Soothing Brimstone Circle 1250 Valor Points: Upgraded via a Crystallized Firestone, dropped by Fireland bosses in heroic mode

Trinkets: Jaws of Defeat – Majordomo Staghelm/Eye of Awareness – Alysrazor

Restoration Shaman Guide

Retribution Paladin Guide

Holy Paladin Guide

Holy Priest Guide

Destruction/Affliction Warlock Guide

Feral Druid Guide (Bear)

Feral Druid Guide (Cat)

PTR testing, updates and more..

I haven’t been writing much outside of the holiday guides, but it’s my goal to get back on track. We’ve downed Nefarian and Al’Akir, making EBS 12/12 Defenders of a Shattered World. I will begin working with my guild shortly to make guides available for these final two bosses. We have since also downed Heroic Halfus, though I don’t plan on writing any more guides past the normal 12 bosses. Firelands will remain to be seen as of yet, but I doubt I will be continuing to write, and instead focus on catching up on some achievement guide posts which are long past due. (Many of which have been changed since the release of this expansion).

I’ve been hard at work lately on leveling some alts, as Saurfang is still a relatively new server for me. I like having my professions covered and I’m still working toward this goal on this server, having no gold sucks. I’ve been vigilant on keeping you all updated with the holidays as they come out as well, many of which have seen some change since the remaking of the world. The travel ones in particular (Bring on Midsummer next, and I will do my best to have new coordinates for you all). I also have a side project going with the creation of my first machinima, based off a song written and performed by my ex-husband. Being as video editing is something I really want to take further in my life, I won’t be posting it on youtube until it’s absolutely perfect in my eyes, even if the draft right now is passable for posting.

I’ve also been playing around on the PTR. Yesterday I ventured in and faced off against Alysrazor. We didn’t get far in the fight unfortunately, our 3 pulls were accidental simply because someone in the party couldn’t resist ‘trying to pick up the pretty feather’ lying on the ground. After loosing a tank, the group fell apart. I did see enough of the fight though, mixed in with the help of the new in-game dungeon helper, to have an idea of its playability though. Don’t stand in the fire bubbles running around on the ground. Pick up 1 feather, run fast and cast while moving, pick up 2 feathers and more of the same, 3 feathers and you find yourself flying on the back of a bird. Obviously that 3rd is for the melee so I didn’t get to see what it was like up there, but from what they told me, you do take falling damage. On the ground you have chicks that target you and chase you, from what I can gather you want to lead these to the worms on the ground so they will eat them and become sated (vulnerable?) I couldn’t really confirm this last bit though with so few pulls. (I tried going with 2 other groups, but the results were abysmal and not worth mentioning as I didn’t even come close to a boss pull with them).

Today was supposed to be dedicated to Majordomo Staghelm. I was really psyched to go against this guy as I’ve followed a bit of the lore from Fandral from “Stormrage”, played a bit on the ally side a while back, and remember leading him out of the cave through the nightmare in the Hyjal quests. Alas he was not to be. Though I found a group of very friendly people to run this time around, real raiders to the core, the ptr had other ideas. 30 minutes after the instance was supposed to open and everyone was still waiting, Blizz finally decided it was time to restart the server to make it active. When we got back, it was worse than before, people floating in the air, dc’ing when they got near the portal, instance not found, not able to re-accept invites because the game apparently thought we were still grouped. After another 30 minutes of this, they finally decided it was borked, and rescheduled it for another time.

I hit the mailbox before logging though, and learned some interesting things…
The first thing I learned, is that there’s a new animation for when you’re checking your mail..
(you now look like you’re reading a map when you open your mailbox)

Second thing I learned, is that having pet achievements pays off. They were kind enough to send me 2 free pet biscuits, like the ones from the TCG. I’m guessing this is achievement related, but I couldn’t tell you at how many pets you get them at. I have roughly 155, and got 2 biscuits.
And on that note about pets, I found something else waiting for me in the mail as well…..
(again going under the assumption he’s achievement related)

This is Nuts. Yes, that’s his name. Pictured here with a pet biscuit, he’s actually same size as about a prairie dog pet. Although not as cute as my Moonkin Hatchling, he’s still quite a charmer. His cutest animation though, and I found this while being partial afk at the mailbox, is when he’s tired of waiting for you and stuns you by throwing an acorn at your head.

I really wanted to get a fraps of the inside of the instance for you guys today, the web area is just AMAZING, but I guess I’m just going to have to keep my eyes open for the next time they do the testing.
On another side note, since I logged on to the ptr an hour early, I decided to check the daily quest area. Like the cata zones it starts with a call to arms on the Org board. Sends you out to the west side of Hyjal (the exact place escapes me atm). But a note: You have to be quite far (maybe even completed) the Hyjal zone for these quests to be available. So that might be something you may wish to work on before 4.2 goes live.


Edit: the pets for the numbered pets have changed since I posted this.

  • Littlest Pet Shop, 150 pets, now rewards Celestial Dragon
  • Menagerie, 125 pets, now rewards Brilliant Kaliri
  • Petting Zoo, 100 pets, now rewards Nuts’ Acorn

Children’s Week, 2011

The easiest thing to forget when working on the Children’s week achievements, is having your orphan summoned when you do all of these things. To get you started, you can pick up your Orc or Human orphan in Orgrimmar in the Drag area (just below the cooking/inscription trainers) or for the Alliance, in the Cathedral district (east side). In Shattrah you can get a Dreanei or Blood Elf Orphan, or in Dalaran you can pick up a Wolvar or Oracle orphan. You’ll be handed a whistle with which you can complete quests, and complete the achievements. If you lose the whistle or want to carry the orphan around a while after doing the quests, just talk to one of the matron’s again. Blizzard has given us a great slew of achievements that we can drag our poor, unsuspecting children through. Each more dangerous than the last. Teach the kids early on that life is hard, I say…

Home alone: Use your Hearthstone while your orphan is with you. LOL yup, torture the little bugger while you leave her behind as you jump from city to city.

Bad Example: Eat the sweets listed below while your orphan is watching. [Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream, Red Velvet Cupcake, Lovely Cake Slice, Dalaran Doughnut, Tasty Cupcake, Delicious Chocolate Cake,  Dalaran Brownie] All but 3 of these are available in Dalaran. The Tigule and Foror’s Strawberry Ice Cream can be found in Org off the vendor during the holiday, Tasty Cupcake and Delicious Chocolate Cake are cooking recipes.

Daily Chores: Complete 5 daily quests with your orphan out. Nothing really to say about this, pick a place where you need to do quests and have at it.

Aw Isn’t It Cute?: Obtain one of the Children’s Week reward pets. Each orphan has a set of quests available when you pick them up, do the quests and get the pet. each of the 3 orphans has different pets available, 3 for Orc, 3 for Blood Elf, and either Oracle or Wolvar. (If you only want to do the quests for one orphan, I suggest getting the Shattrah orphan for Veteran Nanny)

School of Hard Knocks: Take your orphan into the battlegrounds and complete the feats listed below. [Capture the flag in Eye of the Storm(EOTS), Assault a flag in Arathi Basin(AB), Assault a tower in Alterac Valley(AV), Return a fallen flag in Warsong Gulch(WSG)].

This has got to be my most hated achievement of all time. Especially as one who would normally pvp as a healer. Pray you have some nice people from the other faction when doing most of these. Children’s week will be covered by EOTS and AV weekends this year.

EOTS – grab the flag from the center of the map and run it to one of your bases, hopefully you have a base, and hopefully you are even able to get a flag. (I will be immensely enjoying thunderstorming all of you off the ledge after I finish my achievements this weekend).

AB – Be ready to hit the gate running. If you have good latency, drop off and hit farm as soon as the gate opens. If not, try blacksmith, lumber mill, or mines.

AV – Assault a tower means you have to hit the other faction’s. So ride on til you’re more than half way across the map, and look for a nice tower to hit. Failing that, watch your map, for other towers that have changed sides. If all else fails, look for a tower that seems to be going back and forth, you might just find some people who are there for the same purpose as you, giving you an easy tap.

WSG – My nemesis achievement. If you find good luck, you could end up with an ally in your base that runs in, attacks no one, picks up the flag, and drops it. If you are here for the achievement, DON’T kill him. He’s there to help you, and is probably going to be hoping that you will be doing the same for him in return.

Side notes on this particular achievement. Yeah I know it’s already a wall of text, but its the nature of the beast. DON’T forget to make sure your orphan is up. You will die. A lot. Pay it forward if you find someone of the other faction trying to help out. There will probably be plenty of people on your side who are there to actually pvp, and won’t hesitate to take advantage of the vulnerable helpers. Ready a /truce or /wait macro, or both. People may be less likely to kill you if you’re trying to help, not all, but some who are there for the same reason as you. Also, if you get into a helpful bg, this is an ideal time to work on some of your other pvp achievements. I know I’m pretty close on Tower Defense in AV, and I’m hoping to get Persistent Defender in WSG and maybe some AB ones as well.

Hail To The King, Baby: Defeat King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle with your orphan out. This doesn’t even require heroic, I would be surprised if there was a class at 85 that couldn’t easily solo this guy.

Veteran Nanny: Acquire Egbert’s Egg, Sleepy Willy, and Elekk Training Collar on one character. Fortunately it was decided in the first year of achievements that this would not be included in the meta. It takes 3 years to complete. Pick up a Dreanei or Blood Elf whistle in Shattrah respectfully, and complete the orphan’s quests. The pet counts for Aw, Isn’t It Cute?

Noblegarden, 2011

Noblegarden is a holiday that centers solely and completely up on the collection of ‘Brightly Colored Eggs’. In order to complete each of the achievements, you need to collect the chocolate from the hidden eggs and use that chocolate to both complete some of the achievements, as well as use as currency to buy the items needed to complete the other achievements.
You need a maximum total of 355 eggs to have every achievement. I say maximum, because not only does each egg have a chance at dropping the chocolaty currency, it can also drop any one of the required items for the meta! Meaning unless you are the most unlucky person in the world, you probably won’t need all the required chocolates listed. The best strategy I have for this, is to keep track of your eggs. Each time one of the items drops, subtract that from the total eggs needed (You just got a Spring Rabbit from that egg? Great! That’s 100 fewer eggs you have to find now!)
You can find the eggs in the level 5 start zones of each city.. Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, and Falconwing Square for the horde. (ok, ok, allys, you can find yours in Kharanos, Goldshire, Dolanaar, and Azure Watch) [It’s unlikely that areas will be added for Goblin or Worgen start areas, and Gnomes and Trolls should still share the same level 5 start zones as they always have.]

I Found One!: Find a Brightly Colored Egg. Really basic, find your first hidden egg.

Chocolate Lover: Eat 25 Noblegarden Chocolates during the Noblegarden celebration. This is the first achievement mark on the way to getting Chocoholic, which is 100 eggs.

Sunday’s Finest: Discover the White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants by opening Brightly Colored Eggs during the Noble Garden celebration. While these pieces are needed for Blushing Bride achievement, finding them in the eggs is not a part of the meta. That said, you will probably find at least one of them on your search anyway.

Dressed for the Occasion: Discover an Elegant Dress by opening Brightly Colored Eggs during the Noblegarden celebration. Not required for the meta, not required for one of the other achievements. This is one for the achievement whores to farm (Yay! 10 more epeen points! Yes, I did in fact farm this dress last year, and right after, my shadow priest alt opened it on her first egg. Ah well, least it looks sexier on the Blood Elf). Try to find someone who has it so you can complete Blushing Bride.

Hard Boiled: Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater’s Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit during the Noblegarden celebration. Find a friend, or you may be camping here waiting. You need to find someone with a Blossoming Branch to transform you into a bunny once you get there. Once you’re a bunny, just stick around for a minute or 2 and you’ll lay the egg and get the achievement. (you can buy a branch with chocolate, but since you can’t use it on yourself, the cost is not factored into the 355 total)

Spring Fling: Find your pet Spring Rabbit another one to love in each of the towns listed below. (See the starting towns list above). Buy or find a Spring Rabbit’s Foot. Summon it up in the towns as you look for eggs, chances are you’ll have it done in no time. You might need to work with a friend for the less common towns if you put it off longer then the first day (chances are first day, every one of the towns will have a fair number of people). The pet costs 100 chocolate if you don’t find it in an egg.

Noble Garden: Hide a Brightly Colored Egg in Silvermoon City. Buy an egg, place it in Silvermoon’s Murder Row district. The egg costs 5 chocolate, it’s the only thing you won’t find in one of the eggs.

Shake Your Bunny-Maker: Use Spring Flowers to place rabbit ears upon females of at least 18th level. [Blood Elf, Dreanei, Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead]. Yeah… good luck with this one. Without a central meeting place for horde and alliance this will be quite a bit more difficult at best. The level 18 restriction effectively rules out the standard have-a-friend-roll-an-alt strategy. PvP battlegrounds, Tol Barad are probably your best bets.. Tol Barad Peninsula if you don’t want to get yelled at by the people actually WANTING to pvp. Outside SW or Org and maybe you’ll get lucky finding some dueling females. Be aware the flowers drop or are purchased, and they have a cd. Don’t use them on someone who already has the buff. The flowers cost 50 chocolate.

Desert Rose: Use Spring Robes to plant a flower in each of the deserts listed below. [Badlands, Desolace, Silithus, Tanaris, Thousand Needles]. Ok, so maybe half of these aren’t deserts anymore, but still. Dress is buy or drop, just like almost everything else, its /use ability will plant the flower. The dress costs 50 chocolate.

Blushing Bride: Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants. If you don’t get both pieces as a drop, buy what you need. Ask a friend who has a dress to help you out, hope someone in the start zones is wearing one, or, as a last resort, ask in trade. The Tuxedo pieces cost 25 chocolate each, and make for a good role-play set if you’re into it. (You can buy a dress with chocolate, but since you can’t use it on yourself to get the achievement, the cost is not factored into the 355 total)

If you find yourself with some extra chocolate, you can also buy a Spring Circlet (which is a helm that looks like bunny ears, really nice for rp) for 50 chocolate, and mages may want to invest in the Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit for 100 chocolate. The circlet can drop from eggs as well, but the tome will not.

Cho’Gall, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

Cho’Gall has three phases, the first two alternating back and forth. In phase one your raid will stack up and dispel. Phase two will see you spreading out, interrupting and dispelling, killing adds, and killing boss. The third phase is all about focusing and burning down. With practice this fight is easily downed.

This boss will give you an insanity meter, which each member of the raid will need to keep an eye on individually. In all honesty, this can be used as a good measure to see how much raid awareness each person has. With each thing that hits you/you stand in, your meter will rise. Every stack you get of insanity, you increase the damage you take by 3% in phase three. Every 25% you will see new penalties for these infringements.

25% Corruption – Accelerated: This accelerates your stacks, you will want to focus on dispelling this. Unfortunately it will not clear the insane stacks themselves.

50% Corruption – Sickness: Causes you to vomit on players in front of you, increasing their insanity stacks as well. You need to stand just outside of the stack and face away from the raid.

75% Corruption – Malformation: Will spawn a hostile tentacle out of you.

100% Corruption – Absolute: Increases the damage done by you by 100%, and spells are also instant. Reduces healing against you by 100%

Phase One:

Start off by stacking DIRECTLY on top of each other at the front of the circle once the trash is cleared. Have your two primary tanks pull Cho’Gall and face him away from the raid. One of the first things the raid will notice is Conversion. Boss mods will show this also as “Worshiping”. Three raid members (in 25 man) will be chosen at random and become mind controlled, and increase his damage by 10% each. It’s important to break this control as soon as possible as the longer they are controlled, the more their insanity will stack. This can be broken with Warstomp, Shadowfury, or less optimally Fear, Scatter Shot, and Shockwave.

Cho’Gall summons the aid of elementals during this first phase as well. Flame Orders will summon a fire elemental, who will cause the tanks to take additional damage. Along with this, it will also summon circles of fire on the ground called Blaze. Don’t stand in the fire, nothing new. Tanks will also see an increase in the damage they take during Flame Orders. Cho’Gall will also summon a shadow elemental with Shadow Orders, the raid will see more damage with this elemental. Your healers may want to adjust accordingly.

The tanks are not without their own mechanics on this fight, Fury of Cho’Gall is designed just for them. We have our two primary tanks stay on the boss for the whole fight and just switch this mechanic back and forth. Fury causes massive physical and shadow damage and increases the damage the afflicted tank takes. So change tanks when one gets this debuff.

Phase Two:

Cho’Gall will summon an extra add, this is the Corrupted Adherent. It will appear from a portal and should be picked up as it spawns, we have a Death Knight go Blood for this task. The add will target a random raid member and give them a swirly purple pattern where they stand called Corrupting Crash. You and your raid have seconds after this is cast to scatter away from the spot. Even better, move early. It will cast several of these, so watch for the phase to end before stacking up again, and watch to make sure you move if one targets you or someone near you. Getting hit with this will greatly increase your insanity. It is possible, and in fact likely, that you will have Blaze and Corrupting Crash to deal with at the same time. Stack up again as soon as the crashes are done. All focus should go into bringing it down quickly. The add will cast a spell called Depravity, which should be interrupted by any means. Once the add is down to about 30%, have the offtank kite him to the entrance. Range will need to continue dpsing and interrupting him. 30 seconds after the Adherent is spawned, Cho’Gall will cast Fester Blood. If the add is still alive, it will receive a massive buff. If its dead, a pool will form, and from that pool will spawn adds called Corrupted Blood. Slow these, AoE these, knock these back (yes elementals, you can unglyph Thunderstorm for this fight!). Kill them and keep them out of the raid, if they hit someone, that person will take a hit to their insanity.

Cho’Gall will go into phase three when he hits 25%, you should start moving him to the wall prior to this. Ideally when going in to phase three, it’s hoped that no one will be above 25% of their insanity meter. The reality in a 25 man is that this will likely not be the case. So again through the phase, dispellers should be aware of anyone who hits the 25% mark and dispel the Accelerated Corruption, and everyone should be conscious of their own meters to turn from the raid if they hit 50% for Sickness Corruption.

Phase Three:

In phase three, the constant monitoring of one’s self and surroundings (although still important to be mindful of Sickness Corruption) is replaced with the frantic need to kill. Cho’Gall needs to be brought to the wall for this phase. He will spawn tentacles in this phase, if placed right you should get three groups of these: left, right, and on top of him. The tentacles will choose a target and cast a beam on them, this beam will reduce the damage the target causes and the healing they receive by 75%. Interrupt the beams and dps the tentacles down as quickly as possible. Dps should switch between dpsing these tentacles, and dpsing the boss. Do this til Cho’Gall hits zero hp and win!

Ascendant Council, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

Ascendant is one of those fights that basically should just get easier with time and practice. There is a lot going on, with a lot of mechanics, just like most of the new Cataclysm raids, but overall there isn’t that much that any one group should feel overwhelmed by. That said, it is none the less a fight where people WILL need to be on their feet and paying very close attention to their toons buffs and debuffs. Its also one of those cursed fights where you need to make sure everyone is alive for the last phase, but that a quarter of your raid will probably get disconnected as it starts. So prior to pulling, make sure your team does what they need to insofar as their video settings are concerned.

This fight progresses through three phases. During the first phase you will face Ignacious and Feludius, the second phase will be Arion and Terrastra, and finally the Elementium Monstrosity. The bosses use a number of abilities in each phase, but what makes this fight so interesting is that you will be using the opposing boss’ abilities to cancel out current boss abilities. In phase one Inferno Rush is used to clear Waterlog. In phase two, Searing Winds cancels out Quake, and Gravity Well cancels Thundershock. It’s important to remember these combinations. Even more important is to know what to do if you get Lightning Rod in the second phase, check Arion below for how to deal with that. Each phase changes when a boss is brought down to 25%. To minimize the amount of hit points the Elementium Monstrosity starts off with, you will want to get the bosses of each phase to 25% as close as possible to each other. Bloodlust is used at the beginning of the third phase.

Phase one: Ignacious. Ignacious and Feludius are picked up by the tanks where they stand at the top of the stairs; Ignacious on the left, Feludius on the right. Melee stacks up on the left and remains there. Ignacious will Inferno Leap to a random raid member, this will inflict 23k to 27k fire damage, and knockback anyone nearby. As he runs back to his aggro target, he leaves a trail of fire between him and the member he charged, called Inferno Rush. The tank will want to move the boss back a little to give melee room to dps without standing in it. The fire inflicts only 4k to 6k every half second, but more importantly this trail of fire is what will be needed to get rid of Feludius’s Waterlog debuff. Burning Blood is another ability that gets placed on a player, it deals increasing fire damage to that player every 2 seconds. It’s nearly always put on someone in melee range. The ability is dispellable, though it does grant nearby allies additional damage when facing Feludius, we dispel this anyway so as to keep damage even between the bosses. For the tank, they will deal with Flame Torrent, which deals 36k to 42k every second for 3 seconds. It’s an 18yrd cone effect in front of him so tanks will of course want to keep him turned from the raid. Finally comes Aegis of Flame and Rising Flame. Aegis is a one million absorb shield placed around himself and also prevents spell interruptions, Rising Flames is cast right after Aegis, and it deals increasing fire damage to the entire raid until it can be interrupted. You should have someone call out this dps switch so the shield can be brought down as quick as possible.

Phase One: Feludius. While the melee are hard at work on Ignacious, your range should be focused entirely on Feludius, except for when Aegis of Flame is up. This boss also has a number of abilities, some directly proportional to Ignacious’. Hydrolance is a devastating frost bolt that deals 45k to 55k damage to a random raid member, you should have one person with a stable connection specifically watching for this ability to interrupt it. Heart of Ice is nearly opposite to Ignacious’ Burning Blood, this is usually cast out into the range group, deals increasing frost damage every 2 seconds, is dispellable, but will give anyone who comes into contact with that person increased damage against Ignacious. Again we dispel this so as to keep damage even with the bosses. He also casts a chain of frost abilities that need to be dealt with. He starts it off with Waterbomb, this causes 9k to 11k damage to random raid members and inflicts them with Waterlog. As mentioned previously, anyone who gets this debuff should immediately run through the fire trail to get rid of it. Glaciate is the next step of the chain, it deals massive frost damage to anyone nearby which dissipates the further away a person is, however anyone who has not cleared the Waterlogged debuff will now find a new debuff on themselves, Frozen Blood. Frozen Blood will freeze the target solid, dealing 20k frost damage every two seconds for 10 seconds.

Phase Two: Arion. The bosses in phase 2 should be brought to the center of the room. In this phase, there is a great deal of movement involved, it will be very rare that you find yourself just standing in one spot. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to worry about in this phase (and perhaps the entire encounter) is Lightning Rod. The targets of this should be apparent via most boss mods, but even with that most people should not miss the giant yellow arrow floating above their heads. If this should happen to you, immediately turn to the nearest wall and don’t stop running until you get there, and do NOT run with other people who have this mark, adjust to distance yourself if need be. Ignore any other mechanics to this phase if you get this debuff. Lightning Rod is what marks people who will get hit with Chain Lightning, which bounces to anyone nearby. The more people it jumps to, the more damage it will cause. With the Lightning Rod people safely out of the way, you can focus on the rest of Arion’s abilities. He will cast Call Winds, which look like blue and black tornadoes that swirl randomly around the room. Once this is summoned you should immediately run into it, this will give you Searing Winds which will make your toon float just above the floor. This is important to counter Terrastra’s Quake ability, a massive shockwave that is sent through the earth. A small note, priests’ levitate will not work to counter Quake. Arion’s counter to Quake is Thundershock which deals 146k to 154k damage to all nearby enemies that are not ‘grounded’ from a Gravity Well, it can deal even more to people still set with the Searing Winds buff so once Quake has ended, run to a Gravity Well so you can counter this ability. Gravity Wells are white swirls located on the ground that appear to have 4 swirling winds in the corners feeding into it, it can sometimes be a little bit of a fight to get back out of a Gravity Well so plan accordingly. Finally the last two abilities for Arion are Disperse and Lightning Blast. For Disperse Arion vanishes into the wind and rematerializes elsewhere, its a good idea to have a tank with something akin to charge for quick pickups. As soon as he is whole again, he will cast Lightning Blast on the tank, inflicting 72k to 88k of nature damage.

Phase Two: Terrastra. Terrastra actually has the least abilities of all the bosses, but they are no less devastating in their effect. As mentioned through Arion, Terrastra has a deadly ground effect called Quake. Like Thundershock this deals about 146k to 154k to players standing on the ground. It can cause even more damage to anyone retaining the Gravity Well buff. Tornadoes, or Searing Winds, from Call Winds will counter this effect, allowing players to float above the effected ground. Next up is Eruption, this starts off as a minor dust effect on the floor, about the same size as a Gravity Well, which fires spikes of earth directly upward. These spikes inflict 47k to 53k and should be easily avoidable. The tank on this boss should be moving her so that neither he nor melee should take damage from this. Finally Terrastra will cast Hardened Skin, this will increase the physical damage she causes by 100%, it will also absorb 50% of the damage she takes. The shield has 650k hp and will shatter if destroyed, causing 10% damage to her.

Phase Three: Elementium Monstrosity. In this phase you will want to have your raid spread out 8 yards from each other, and have them remain spread despite the fact that they may still have to move. Elementium Monstrosity has 4 elemental attacks in this final phase: Lava Seed, Liquid Ice, Electric Instability, and Gravity Crush. Lava Seed is cast on the surrounding area which explodes causing 35k to 45k damage to all nearby players. Liquid Ice is the ability which will cause your tanks to be moving the boss consistently. A pool of ice will form under the boss, increasing in size the longer he remains standing within it. This ice will cause increasing frost damage to any players standing within it. This ability is what determines our tanking method. We pulled him to one side and snaked him up one side, then down the other, creating layers of the Ice Pool and allowing the ranged to stay 40 yards back constantly, and spread really nicely. Electric Instability is a lightning effect cast on random raid members. This starts as a damage effect that causes 5k to 7k damage, chaining to other nearby members, with a damage multiplier that increases the longer the boss remains alive. Finally he will cast Gravity Crush, this will engulf random members inside a bubble and lift them high into the air. The bubble will deal 10% of the players health every half second for 6 seconds, at which time the bubble reaches the maximum height and pops, most likely dropping the target to their death unless they get a quick heal, or get or use a safe-falling technique (blink, levitate, heroic leap, rocket jump to name only a few). You want to lust at the beginning of this phase to burn him as quickly as possible.