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So, what If I told you, you could have your own Frostsaber, whether you are alliance or horde?

Now, what if I told you, you could even take this frosty cat with you to a job that doesn’t allow you to play wow?

This puss took me more hours than my old-fashioned, pre-daily, frostsaber rep grind, but the rewards are well worth it if you ask me. He sit’s up on the edge of my cubicle where me and my neighbors can enjoy looking at him daily. Oh, did I mention the best part? HE’S MADE OF PAPER!! Yup, printed, folded paper with a bit of glue and double-sided tape. He’s only one of my current papercrafting projects, but he get’s no less attention for it. Plus he makes it easy for people to find me whenever I move desks.

A BIG shout to PMF for creating these awesome files!!!!

And now for the details on how to get your own!

The Frostsaber files can be found here.

You will need Winrar, Acrobat reader (or some variation), and MOST importantly Pepakura to read the PDO files.

My papercrafting tips:

  • Invest in lots of double-sided tape.. even if you know you’re going to end up gluing a difficult part, it’s good to stick it together first to make sure you’re matching up the right stuff. (I buy the 3-packs from Walmart)
  • Toothpicks. They are great for getting small amounts of glue to cover a small area and to even it out. Plus you can use them to smooth down, and hold a tab together where fingers can’t reach. Clothespins are also a good investment for holding together open areas when you have to use your hands for other thinks like documenting calls.
  • Work in sections. Label your tabs, pages, and openings well. It’s very easy to lose track of what goes where.
  • Plastic bags, label stickers, and/or tupperware. I put the parts for each page into separate bags, label the bags, and put the larger parts into the tupperware containers.
  • Check your pages!!! I can’t stress this one enough. One of the projects I worked on had a complete section where the printed guide didn’t match the colored cutouts. I attempted to work past it, but it became impossible (I still don’t know if those pieces ever fit together). I fixed it eventually by printing the pepakura file instead of the pdf, but I lost about two and a half weeks on the project. Also my current project has pieces that are too dark to see where the folds are, and it’s not clear about the peaks and valleys, so I had to stop what I was doing and reprint the guide from home.

Winter Veil 2010

I’ll start this guide off with the non-meta achievements, but being as they’re still worth 10 points a piece I’ll note them briefly.

Crashin’ and Thrashin’: You can pick up a Blue Crashin’ Thrashin’ Racer Controller at the toy shop in Dalaran. Find a friend, or another person who owns one of the 2 types, and use the racers to fight.

BB King: Since this achievement seems to be active still, I can only assume they are giving the Red Ryder BB Guns out again at Christmas this year. Use the gun to ‘shoot’ the leaders of the opposite faction. It does next to no damage so don’t expect to go killing faction leaders. Be prepared to run fast to get back out past the guards again (unless you feel like some graveyard rez’s). Or if you’re lucky, maybe you can find a ‘For the Horde’ raid.

Edit: The special present this year is the Minizep controller, so you can’t complete this achievement unless you got the gun last year. There’s no equivalent to take its place this year.


Now for the Meta Achievements, on your way toward What a Long Strange Trip its Been..

On Metzen:

Start off in Org/IF. The Smokey Woods Pasteur’s goblins are back with the same old quests. In Org they are just outside of the Auction House. Get the quest ‘Metzen the Reindeer’ and it will tell you to go to either Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris, or Stonewrought Pass in Burning Steppes. Being Horde I naturally took the shorter path to Tanaris from Org. The reindeer’s location is 72, 48, use the dust in your bags (open the bag the goblins gave you) to save him. Achievement credit happens when you turn in the quest.

With a Little Helper from My Friends:

There are devices that look like Engineering transports in several locations. For Horde you can find one in Org right across from the flight trainer, in Undercity its right by the Zeppelin towers. These are not the only 2 locations, but they’ll be the one’s you’ll likely be by. The devices turn you into smelly little gnomes, a necessary evil I assure you. Once you’ve transformed, cue up for some pvp. You can go random to get your daily credit, or if you want to go specific I suggest a larger scale pvp environment. Tol Barad, Alterac Valley, Isle of Conquest, or Strand of the Ancients. You don’t necessarily have to fight to get the achievement, but for the sake of those in your BG who are there for a purpose, I don’t suggest staying still either. If you die, you will loose your gnome transformation though, meaning you won’t be able to collect any more kills toward the achievement until the next bg. So when possible I would stay with the larger group. It will probably take you 2+ bg’s depending on which ones you do for all 50 kills.


For Horde: You can pick up snowballs when you go out to do Simply Abominable, or buy some off the Smokey Wood goblins. Fly over to Thunder Bluff. As you go down the ramp from the flight master, you want to take the first exit. Straight ahead is Baine, and /use one of your acquired snowballs.


Hope that you have started the quest chain to open Ogri’la dailies. If not expect this to take some time. If you have not started the chain, Go to Blades Edge Mountains in Outlands. Fly over to the Circle of Blood, you will need a flying mount for this. Talk to Chort at the base of the Tower and he’ll send you to talk to the ogre at the top. From there the chain will send you to kill multiple Gronn’s. I solo’d these as a 78 prot pally, and though I completed it, its not the easiest thing I’ve done. I wouldn’t do it as a lower level or a class without a heal, without some help. Especially the last step of the chain before being sent to Ogri’la (where the chain continues in a lesser capacity). Also for this quest, you need to transform your mount into a reindeer with some holly. I believe the Metzen quest should have rewarded a small stack, or you can get some by /kiss revelers in any inn (not a guaranteed drop rate). Sorry druids, no flight form for this one. Complete the Bomb them AGAIN daily on the reindeer for credit.

Tis the Season:

All new for Cata, the Winter Hat’s have found new homes, and its within the Cataclysm instances. So you’ll need level 83 to get this. The Red hat drops from Admiral Ripsnarl in Deadmines, High Priestess Azil in Stonecore, and Corla in Blackrock Caverns. The Green Winter Hat drops from Lord Godfrey in Shadow Fang Keep, and Drahga Shodowburner in Grim Batol. Good Luck. The Mince Meat Fruitcake should be in your mailbox so long as you’ve completed the Metzen quest chain (may take a day or 2).

Simply Abominable:

This quest starts in Org like Metzen but has a bit more travel on it. You need to head over to the other continent and up to the Ruins of Alterac. (Org>UC>Tarren Mill is the fastest path). Once at the ruins, look for a snowman among some trees. (Don’t forget to pick up some snowballs while you’re here so you can use your holiday pets on Christmas morning, or Scrooge if you haven’t done it already). He should continue your quest to kill the Greench. He will likely be camped, so just watch for him to yell and increase your chances by waiting til toward the end of the holiday or getting in a group. Achievement credit happens when you get back to Org, turn this in, and talk to Greatfather Winter.

Let it Snow:

You get the snowflakes only by /kiss revelers in any inn. And they are not a guaranteed drop, so make sure to visit the inns as your hour long debuff wears off. With the Horde and Alliance now spending more time in their respected cities, this achievement will actually be a challenge. Hopefully through the holiday though you can still find some people in Dalaran trying to complete other parts of the meta like A Frosty Shake. With luck you can get the right combo’s. Otherwise you may have to camp some start zones or have friends roll alts.

Bro’s Before Ho-Ho-Ho’s:

Mistletoe can be acquired by /kiss revelers in any inn once an hour. The drop rate is not guaranteed. For Horde we need only to locate 3 brothers and /use mistletoe on them. Wolfbrother is located in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra 40,55, Keltan is located on the airship that flies around Icecrown’s North West side, and Malach is located in the War Quarter of the Undercity 51, 21.

Winter Veil Gourmet:

Hopefully you did Pilgrim’s Bounty or have a decent cooking skill. You will need to have 325 to complete this achievement. The cookies are cooking skill 1, Eggnog is 35 (both recipes purchasable from the Smokey Woods goblins) and Apple Cider is 325, the recipe for this will probably be sitting in your mailbox if your skill is that high.

He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty:

Simply open a present under the tree between Christmas morning and the end of Winter Veil.

A Frosty Shake:

These are in your mailbox if you’ve completed the holiday quests. If you’re not lucky enough to get one, they are bind on use, so you can try on an alt, or buy one off the AH. Head to Dalaran (don’t forget the return portals are gone so plan accordingly), and find someone else wearing the frosty disguise. These take a snowball to activate. Transform yourself and /dance with them for credit. Winter Veil Disguise Kit is what you need.

Class Guides, Gear Lists, Heroic Guides

Yup, Cataclysm hits in just a few scant hours. Being as I’ll be trying for server first Shaman, there will likely be no more posts until I get there. That said, I have one last post of information to share with you all. A HUGE shout out to the members of Extra Bag Space for making an awesome contribution to the WoW community! Listed below is just a small portion of the guides and gear available for Cataclysm. For a full listing, check the class guides in the forum at www.extrabagspace.org and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter on the front page!

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