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Back, Like a Baws!

Did you miss me?

Just kidding! I am back though after a couple of weeks exploring the wonders through the Mists. Panda haters be damned, but I do love the new zones, and yes, the new race and class.

If you don’t know that Halloween is on its way, you are obviously living in another country, or else quite deprived. But we still love you anyway <3. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be bringing you the best of my tricks and as always the treats! If you’re still playing WoW (and if you are reading this you probably are) it should be noted that Hallows End will be starting this Thursday October 18th in game.

Some things of note for this year’s Hallows End event.. Scarlet Monastery has been updated with the expansion, so I highly suggest going in and doing the Horseman at least once. The item levels will be equivalent of current MoP end game gear. If it matches Brewfest (as I’m sure it will), the level to go in will be 89. The Headless horseman’s mount is now account bound, so if you have more than one toon that is high enough take them in to try to win it. And if you haven’t been in a while, there are some new rewards that can be earned with the trick-or-treat candy like the Feline Familiar (or you can just buy one of mine of the AH $$)

Onward to the first of our Halloween goodies! Are you having a hard time deciding on your costume? Why not go as the original evil playable class, a Warlock! PMF has an awesome papercraft design for a wearable Warlock helm based on the Hood of Malefic. I put this together in relatively short time at work, and I can attest to it being big enough to be wearable… perhaps a little too big in design though.

Some comments before you get crafting though.. the horns do sag on the finished product, I used interlaced drinking straws reinforced with toothpicks taped to the underside to give a little more stability. I would advise you to glue the pieces once you have their locations mapped, it is tight enough that with the double sided tape it does get a few ‘holes’ in it. Also, this is a little difficult as far as wear-ability, there is a liner for the head built into the base, but it shifts very easily because of the weight of the horns, so you may want to think of a way to anchor this with a rubber band or pins or something.


You can find PMF’s post with the download to the pattern here

And here is my completed version, with my little Windrider Cub for reference


Stay tuned, next week will feature a double post, one for a peek at my epic Halloween playlist, and one featuring some of the best Halloween tracks released by the WoW community!!



Ok, so the Theramore events been ongoing now for just under a week. I’m afraid I have to share the opinion of so many others that have gone before me this week. What were they thinking???
If you have ready the book “Tides of War” (a book that I enjoyed for the most part, minus a bit of niggling about Go’el’s part), then you probably know just how epic the happenings at Theramore were. Blizzard let us down in the implementing.

If you haven’t read the books, good luck trying to work out wtf just happened.

If you’re alliance, well, I read about the story line you guys got. I’m glad I don’t have a high enough item level to play that side.

And for everyone expecting a world event………. well…….

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be playing wow even though I’m disappointed. I look forward to playing dual panda’s in just a little over a day. I actually went out laptop shopping yesterday to make it easier to level it through my Refer a Friend ( I ❤ my Obsidian Nightwing). I plan on making the panda monk my new main, tank. Side note: the laptop was a decision I came to a long time ago for non-wow reasons, so haters can stop hating now.

But lets get down to the reasons you guys are here, the goodies! As I mentioned last week the blog will be on vacation for the next couple weeks. Fear not I will return. (Well, maybe you should fear since the returning theme is Hallows End for October!)

First up is a new Live Wallpaper. Showcasing the town in all it’s, er, pre-bombing splendor! You can get Dreamscene to run this on your desktop here.

Download the video here!

Also as promised, here is the newest track from Thegreyfoo

If you are interested in a bit of leveling music while you travel through the Mists, you should check out Fire Mage Radio. Special thanks to Mority for hosting the site until Krasus can bring it back to us full time. Look for it to be available about Tuesday midnight Aussie time (that’s about Monday afternoon for us Yanks). I’ll have a full post on these guys in the future.  The best in WoW Parody.

Guild Ox overstepping?

Hey folks,

I don’t usually post outside of Sundays, but I came across something I found of interest today. If you don’t follow WoW Insider, you may have missed this.. Guild Ox has implemented an alt search through their site. What this means is that anyone can search just one of your character names, and it will produce a list of your alts too. It’s true that this might help guilds with their selection of new recruits, but honestly I see far too many con’s to this.

My toons are my toons, I choose who I put on my Real ID because I trust those people to know my alts. No one else needs to know that information. If someone were harassing me, would I want them to be able to do so no matter who I was on? Do I want to be judged because of what I may, or may not have done on my other toons?

Anyway /end rant.

According to WoW Insider, and Guild Ox, this feature can be disabled. Hit escape, go into interface, then display and then check “display only character achievements to others”.
If you want to see the full article, go here

5.0.4 Poll

Not a complete list, but some of the best of what to expect today! What are you looking forward to?

PTR testing, updates and more..

I haven’t been writing much outside of the holiday guides, but it’s my goal to get back on track. We’ve downed Nefarian and Al’Akir, making EBS 12/12 Defenders of a Shattered World. I will begin working with my guild shortly to make guides available for these final two bosses. We have since also downed Heroic Halfus, though I don’t plan on writing any more guides past the normal 12 bosses. Firelands will remain to be seen as of yet, but I doubt I will be continuing to write, and instead focus on catching up on some achievement guide posts which are long past due. (Many of which have been changed since the release of this expansion).

I’ve been hard at work lately on leveling some alts, as Saurfang is still a relatively new server for me. I like having my professions covered and I’m still working toward this goal on this server, having no gold sucks. I’ve been vigilant on keeping you all updated with the holidays as they come out as well, many of which have seen some change since the remaking of the world. The travel ones in particular (Bring on Midsummer next, and I will do my best to have new coordinates for you all). I also have a side project going with the creation of my first machinima, based off a song written and performed by my ex-husband. Being as video editing is something I really want to take further in my life, I won’t be posting it on youtube until it’s absolutely perfect in my eyes, even if the draft right now is passable for posting.

I’ve also been playing around on the PTR. Yesterday I ventured in and faced off against Alysrazor. We didn’t get far in the fight unfortunately, our 3 pulls were accidental simply because someone in the party couldn’t resist ‘trying to pick up the pretty feather’ lying on the ground. After loosing a tank, the group fell apart. I did see enough of the fight though, mixed in with the help of the new in-game dungeon helper, to have an idea of its playability though. Don’t stand in the fire bubbles running around on the ground. Pick up 1 feather, run fast and cast while moving, pick up 2 feathers and more of the same, 3 feathers and you find yourself flying on the back of a bird. Obviously that 3rd is for the melee so I didn’t get to see what it was like up there, but from what they told me, you do take falling damage. On the ground you have chicks that target you and chase you, from what I can gather you want to lead these to the worms on the ground so they will eat them and become sated (vulnerable?) I couldn’t really confirm this last bit though with so few pulls. (I tried going with 2 other groups, but the results were abysmal and not worth mentioning as I didn’t even come close to a boss pull with them).

Today was supposed to be dedicated to Majordomo Staghelm. I was really psyched to go against this guy as I’ve followed a bit of the lore from Fandral from “Stormrage”, played a bit on the ally side a while back, and remember leading him out of the cave through the nightmare in the Hyjal quests. Alas he was not to be. Though I found a group of very friendly people to run this time around, real raiders to the core, the ptr had other ideas. 30 minutes after the instance was supposed to open and everyone was still waiting, Blizz finally decided it was time to restart the server to make it active. When we got back, it was worse than before, people floating in the air, dc’ing when they got near the portal, instance not found, not able to re-accept invites because the game apparently thought we were still grouped. After another 30 minutes of this, they finally decided it was borked, and rescheduled it for another time.

I hit the mailbox before logging though, and learned some interesting things…
The first thing I learned, is that there’s a new animation for when you’re checking your mail..
(you now look like you’re reading a map when you open your mailbox)

Second thing I learned, is that having pet achievements pays off. They were kind enough to send me 2 free pet biscuits, like the ones from the TCG. I’m guessing this is achievement related, but I couldn’t tell you at how many pets you get them at. I have roughly 155, and got 2 biscuits.
And on that note about pets, I found something else waiting for me in the mail as well…..
(again going under the assumption he’s achievement related)

This is Nuts. Yes, that’s his name. Pictured here with a pet biscuit, he’s actually same size as about a prairie dog pet. Although not as cute as my Moonkin Hatchling, he’s still quite a charmer. His cutest animation though, and I found this while being partial afk at the mailbox, is when he’s tired of waiting for you and stuns you by throwing an acorn at your head.

I really wanted to get a fraps of the inside of the instance for you guys today, the web area is just AMAZING, but I guess I’m just going to have to keep my eyes open for the next time they do the testing.
On another side note, since I logged on to the ptr an hour early, I decided to check the daily quest area. Like the cata zones it starts with a call to arms on the Org board. Sends you out to the west side of Hyjal (the exact place escapes me atm). But a note: You have to be quite far (maybe even completed) the Hyjal zone for these quests to be available. So that might be something you may wish to work on before 4.2 goes live.


Edit: the pets for the numbered pets have changed since I posted this.

  • Littlest Pet Shop, 150 pets, now rewards Celestial Dragon
  • Menagerie, 125 pets, now rewards Brilliant Kaliri
  • Petting Zoo, 100 pets, now rewards Nuts’ Acorn


It took a while longer then expected, but guides are finally available for Chimaeron and Maloriak. Ascendant Council has also been downed, and I hope to have that guide up no later than this weekend. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the latest goodies while we wait for patch 4.0.6 to get implemented! Much needed fixes soon to be incoming.


Halfus Wyrmbreaker, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

Once you’ve made your way around the entry hall’s trash packs, you’ll enter a room with several dragons and a nasty looking Ettin. With this encounter, you’ll have the ability to unlock 3 of the nearby dragons that will ‘help’ you with this encounter. Help is a loose term as once they are released, Halfus will mind control them. Our first night on this we got the Nether Scion – who gives him frenzy, and reduces raid damage dealt, but counters his frenzy; Storm Rider – who lets him cast Shadow Nova, but makes the cast time long enough to be interrupted; and the Whelps – who makes the proto-drake’s fire hit harder, but also makes the raid take less damage. The other dragons include Time Warden and Slate Dragon (covered at the end of this strategy). All abilities are given to Halfus at the start of the encounter, but the raid benefits do not happen until those dragons are freed.

For this encounter we enabled the aid of all 3 of our dragons nearly simultaneously. We did not want to have any of the abilities un-countered for more then a second or two. Especially in this case where we needed to have the Shadow Nova interrupted before a second one could go off. Hunters MD’d them to our tanks who waited patiently by the whelp cage. The rest of the raid was spread around the room at 10+ yard formations, to counteract meteors that fell from the sky. Shadow Nova seemed to be one of the most painful abilities of our encounter when interrupts were missed. It deals a fair amount of damage and knocks everyone back. As a healer, we found this hard to heal through and never seemed to gain any ground when the interrupts were missed.

As soon as the tanks had gained aggro on the dragons, we blew Bloodlust to open the fight. This gave our cleavers full charge to blow their cooldowns and cause massive damage to the dragons. In this way we were able to gain 2 more minutes on the boss before his enrage timer kicked in. The rest of the raid focused on killing Nether Scion, while keeping everything else tanked close for the cleaves. Healers will also have to manage their mana until gear levels us out more. My husband and I ran through 4 mana tide totems between the 2 of us, calling out our drops between the rooms.

I have to stress how important it is for this particular combination to make sure that every Shadow Nova is interrupted. It CAN NOT be missed. Your healers cannot, at this stage of the game, heal through the damage.

Once the dragons are down, Halfus will retain their buffs and debuffs. Once he reaches 50% he will start casting Furious Roar. This ability will stun the raid three times, making movement limited and blocking all raid abilities for its duration, he will do this every 30 seconds so plan your cooldowns accordingly. As soon as the stuns are over he will cast a Shadow Nova that needs to be interrupted. We had our mages blink on the 3rd stun and counterspell this immediately. With our raid’s output we still missed the enrage timer, fortunately he was at .8% and our living dps and dots was enough to still take him out.

Side Note: Just to make a note of the dragons that we did not get in this encounter. Time Warden gives his proto-drake the ability to cast fireballs, which will show up on the ground as fire that needs to be dodged by the raid. And Slate Dragon gives him Malevolent Strikes, which causes a stacking healing debuff, the tanks will need to taunt off each other to counteract this. As well the dragon will stun the raid and Halfus for 15 seconds throughout the encounter.

Other sources:



Welcome Back

Well, its been a busy week for EBS. A large portion of the guild, and especially its core raiding group have managed to hit 85. And as no surprise, that is only where the REAL work has begun. 2 days after the release of Cata I hit level cap, and not a moment has gone by where it seems I’ve not been working on one thing or another. My days have been filled with Therazane dailies while I make my rounds to get ore for the multiple pieces I need to have crafted. Engineering, Cooking, and Archeology are getting fit in where I have time as well (and the odd fish here and there). The guild has progressed to level 3. And, finally after countless weekends spent, I’ve managed to win the STV fishing contest, and obtain my Salty title (even though it will still not replace my beloved “Insane” title)! Happy day indeed, as I also managed to acquire a Hyacinth Macaw that evening as well, one of the very few old pets I was missing and been working to get for close to 2 years now. And more good news, the guild is up and raiding now before the holidays, and I’ve managed to land myself a sweet heroic achievement running group. So expect posts as I’m able to get them up!!

Its been one exciting week indeed, but I’m sure you guys want the juicy strategy bits, so I will have an Argaloth strategy up for you in short order!

Class Guides, Gear Lists, Heroic Guides

Yup, Cataclysm hits in just a few scant hours. Being as I’ll be trying for server first Shaman, there will likely be no more posts until I get there. That said, I have one last post of information to share with you all. A HUGE shout out to the members of Extra Bag Space for making an awesome contribution to the WoW community! Listed below is just a small portion of the guides and gear available for Cataclysm. For a full listing, check the class guides in the forum at www.extrabagspace.org and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter on the front page!

Tuesday, Dec 7th – Cataclysm Drops, Special Announcement, Resto Druid Guide 

Monday, Dec 6th – Melee Guides, headlined by Baelrog’s Frost Post.  Thank you to all that have contributed so far!

Sunday, Dec 5th – Tank Pre-raid Gear List Compendium

Saturday, Dec 4th – Mensan’s Bank Guide Summary

Friday, Dec 3rd – Shaman Pre-raid Gear List

Weds/Thurs, Dec 1st/2nd – Cataclysam 5-Man Heroic Guide/Assass Guide

Cataclysm Dungeon Guides, Assassination Rogue Guide, Pre-Raid Gear Lists

A message from our GM, Mensan.

After a 2 month long hiatus, my guild, extra bag space, is ready to hit the Cata raid scene again, and hit it hard. Before we can do that, though, we will be soaring through heroics. To help us out, one of our main tanks, Ellani, has put together a series of guides for bosses in EVERY Cataclysm 5-man Heroic Dungeon. Major thanks to him! I would expect videos to be coming along with these quite soon – once the rest of us are able to sink our teeth in. Check them out here: http://www.extrabagspace.org/category/cataclysm-5-man-heroic-guides/ One of our newest rogues, Haxzorr, has also put together a quick and easy Assassination Rogue guide for Cataclysm, with some glyph recommendations, gear lists, rotation advice and some more extremely useful tips to share. If you’re looking to brush up and prepare, head to our forums and check it out here: http://extrabagspace.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1023 Also out on our public forums are some pre-raid gear lists to help you get ready for raiding. Currently represented are Unholy DK, Resto Shaman, Balance Druid, Hunter, Holy Paladin and Protection Paladin, with more to come in the following week. Check back often! Coming soon should be a weekly newsletter, sent out during downtime, to keep you occupied, video guides, more class guides, my bank series, where we’ll be rebuilding the ebs bank from empty (Yep, the bank has been emptied!), and a bunch more. Cheers for reading, and we hope you come check out the site! Leave a comment or two as well 🙂 Mensan GM of extra bag space www.extrabagspace.org