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Solo Achievements

Back, Like a Baws!

Did you miss me?

Just kidding! I am back though after a couple of weeks exploring the wonders through the Mists. Panda haters be damned, but I do love the new zones, and yes, the new race and class.

If you don’t know that Halloween is on its way, you are obviously living in another country, or else quite deprived. But we still love you anyway <3. For the next 3 weeks I’ll be bringing you the best of my tricks and as always the treats! If you’re still playing WoW (and if you are reading this you probably are) it should be noted that Hallows End will be starting this Thursday October 18th in game.

Some things of note for this year’s Hallows End event.. Scarlet Monastery has been updated with the expansion, so I highly suggest going in and doing the Horseman at least once. The item levels will be equivalent of current MoP end game gear. If it matches Brewfest (as I’m sure it will), the level to go in will be 89. The Headless horseman’s mount is now account bound, so if you have more than one toon that is high enough take them in to try to win it. And if you haven’t been in a while, there are some new rewards that can be earned with the trick-or-treat candy like the Feline Familiar (or you can just buy one of mine of the AH $$)

Onward to the first of our Halloween goodies! Are you having a hard time deciding on your costume? Why not go as the original evil playable class, a Warlock! PMF has an awesome papercraft design for a wearable Warlock helm based on the Hood of Malefic. I put this together in relatively short time at work, and I can attest to it being big enough to be wearable… perhaps a little too big in design though.

Some comments before you get crafting though.. the horns do sag on the finished product, I used interlaced drinking straws reinforced with toothpicks taped to the underside to give a little more stability. I would advise you to glue the pieces once you have their locations mapped, it is tight enough that with the double sided tape it does get a few ‘holes’ in it. Also, this is a little difficult as far as wear-ability, there is a liner for the head built into the base, but it shifts very easily because of the weight of the horns, so you may want to think of a way to anchor this with a rubber band or pins or something.


You can find PMF’s post with the download to the pattern here

And here is my completed version, with my little Windrider Cub for reference


Stay tuned, next week will feature a double post, one for a peek at my epic Halloween playlist, and one featuring some of the best Halloween tracks released by the WoW community!!



Just 9 days left until Mists will be playable. So will you be leveling a new panda/monk? Or will you be focused on getting your main up and ready to raid? Next week will be the final blog post for one to two weeks while I work on powering up a panda monk tank to raid with my new guild, not an easy feat while working full time (Refer a friend for the win!).
Next week will feature a new live wallpaper to commemorate the memory of Theramore. There will also be a panda wow video by TheGreyfoo to hold you guys off til I’m back 😉 I will have lots of tricks and treats for you in October!

For this week, I have a couple of very cute, very easy panda girls put together by Ork Kleavage

A couple easy, small papercrafts that can fit in the palm of your hand!




So, what If I told you, you could have your own Frostsaber, whether you are alliance or horde?

Now, what if I told you, you could even take this frosty cat with you to a job that doesn’t allow you to play wow?

This puss took me more hours than my old-fashioned, pre-daily, frostsaber rep grind, but the rewards are well worth it if you ask me. He sit’s up on the edge of my cubicle where me and my neighbors can enjoy looking at him daily. Oh, did I mention the best part? HE’S MADE OF PAPER!! Yup, printed, folded paper with a bit of glue and double-sided tape. He’s only one of my current papercrafting projects, but he get’s no less attention for it. Plus he makes it easy for people to find me whenever I move desks.

A BIG shout to PMF for creating these awesome files!!!!

And now for the details on how to get your own!

The Frostsaber files can be found here.

You will need Winrar, Acrobat reader (or some variation), and MOST importantly Pepakura to read the PDO files.

My papercrafting tips:

  • Invest in lots of double-sided tape.. even if you know you’re going to end up gluing a difficult part, it’s good to stick it together first to make sure you’re matching up the right stuff. (I buy the 3-packs from Walmart)
  • Toothpicks. They are great for getting small amounts of glue to cover a small area and to even it out. Plus you can use them to smooth down, and hold a tab together where fingers can’t reach. Clothespins are also a good investment for holding together open areas when you have to use your hands for other thinks like documenting calls.
  • Work in sections. Label your tabs, pages, and openings well. It’s very easy to lose track of what goes where.
  • Plastic bags, label stickers, and/or tupperware. I put the parts for each page into separate bags, label the bags, and put the larger parts into the tupperware containers.
  • Check your pages!!! I can’t stress this one enough. One of the projects I worked on had a complete section where the printed guide didn’t match the colored cutouts. I attempted to work past it, but it became impossible (I still don’t know if those pieces ever fit together). I fixed it eventually by printing the pepakura file instead of the pdf, but I lost about two and a half weeks on the project. Also my current project has pieces that are too dark to see where the folds are, and it’s not clear about the peaks and valleys, so I had to stop what I was doing and reprint the guide from home.

Shadowfang Keep

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!

Shadowfang Keep

Pardon Denied

During the Baron Ashbury encounter he will cast an ability called Stay of Execution, for the achievement he must not heal using this ability, so it will needs to be interrupted a split second after he casts it. Just repeat this through the whole encounter – There are also two other things that will need to be interrupted, these are Mend Rotting Flesh and Pain and Suffering, interrupting these will make the encounter so much easier for the healer and will make the achievement much easier.

To the Ground!

For this achievement you must not let an add cast Unholy Empowerment on Commander Springvale, to do this you could assign two people that can interupt to a certain add when it spawns, or you can get two tanks and pull Springvale out of the room and keep him LOS from the adds, making sure that one tank picks up all the adds that spawn. This will cause them to never cast Unholy Empowerment.

Bullet Time

Lord Godfrey will randomly spawn adds during the encounter, these are the adds you need to kill with Pistol Barrage, simply have your tank drag the adds through Pistol Barrage and they should die, be mindful that the tank will take an exceptional amount of damage and to counter this it is probably best to use two healers.


Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!



Ready for raiding

Avoid the fire wall… Does much more really need to be said?

Rat pack

During the Helix Gearbreaker encounter, the lumbering oaf will randomly pick up a person and will slam them into the rat infested wood, after he does this simply target the rats and kill them or have someone stand under the wood and aoe them.

Prototype Prodigy

For this achievement you need to keep the Prototype reaper from falling below 90% health… I would say only during the boss encounter if that were the case. I cannot stress enough – do not get into the Prototype reaper and DPS the trash because you might take agro and drop under 90% thus making the achievement unobtainable in the lockout. When you are clearing the trash have your tank drag the last trash mob up to the spiral bit, after it is dead have a DPS jump in the reaper up the top, and go down the bottom. The tank will then pull the boss and drag him ALL the way up the spiral whilst the reaper will stay down and tank the adds, the reaper will not take any damage from the adds so therefore will not need heals.

It’s Frost Damage

During the Admiral Ripsnarl encounter Freezing Vapors will spawn, when they evolve 4 times they will start to cast a spell called Coalesce. For the achievement you need to have 3 Vapors cast Coalesce during the fight. Once Admiral Ripsnarl disappears at about 75%, mark the first 3 Vapors that spawn – When you see them start to cast Coalesce simply LOS them behind something. Make sure that 3 cast it and you will get the achievement.

I’m on a Diet

One of the easiest achievements for the meta, during the Cookie encounter simply don’t eat the bad food and you will get this achievement.

Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator

This achievement requires you to beat the Vanessa VanCleef gauntlet and engage her in 5 minutes. To start off the gauntlet she will put you on a rope and start lowering you in to the lava pool, simply click the valves on the sides to be released, as soon as you are released, run to the second light patch on the ground and jump straight off the edge, and quickly make your way to the door, defeat the boss and be sure to move from the ice.

You will then enter Helix’s nightmare and a bunch of spiders will spawn everywhere, if you stack on the door you can avoid having to deal with these at all, defeat Helix and you will move on to the next nightmare. Once you enter the next nightmare you will see a heap of laser beam type things, if you get to close to these for a second or two you will most likely die, so slowly make your way through this gauntlet. Be sure to take your time because a death will end up losing more time than it would of to just take it slow. Once you reach the end defeat the boss to move on to the next nightmare.

In this next nightmare you will need to save Ripsnarl’s family, so to do this run straight in and have your tank taunt the pack off enemies that are there, quickly burn these down then follow the path to the next set of worgens, defeat these rather quickly also (if you have a bloodlust I suggest using it here) Then quickly make your way to the third and final worgen, quickly burn this one down – at about 50% have your tank run to Vanessa ready to engage her.

Grim Batol

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!
Grim Batol

Umbrage for Umbriss

This achievement requires you to kill General Umbriss while he is affected with Modgud’s Malice. This buff to him is obtained when you kill a Malignant Trogg when it is near him. An easy way to obtain this achievement is to have someone CC the Trogg as soon as it spawns, keep CC on the add – DPS the boss to about 500k and then taunt the add over and kill it, then burn the boss.

Don’t Need to Break Eggs to Make an Omelette

For this achievement you have to not let the two adds that spawn after Shadow Gale cast Twilight Corruption at all, to achieve this you will need to split your DPS up on the two adds and put as many snares on that adds as you can – if you have a 70% movement speed reduction you will be able to get this easy.


Halls of Origination

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!

Halls of Origination

I Hate That Song

Really simple achievement, when Temple Guardian Anhuur goes immune and you need to hit the levers, get two people to go right and two to go left, one kites the snakes up the stairs while the other hits the levers, then you interrupt the cast and repeat until the boss dies.

Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Another really easy achievement – Before engaging Earthrager Ptah make sure to mount one of the camels that are down the stairs just before where the boss is, there is no catch just simply defeat him while riding a camel. The only thing that can make you not get this achievement is by getting hit by spikes and the camel dying.

Faster Than the Speed of Light

For this you have to beat the vault of light even in under 5 minutes, the time limit is quite lenient but if you don’t hurry you will miss it – This achievement will unlock as soon as the four mini bosses are dead and the short role play finished you DON’T need to kill the last boss. If your tank pulls any of the Troggs simply have him take them with him to the boss, don’t directly target them, splash damage should take care of them, when each boss is about to die start running to the next boss, finishing him off while you make your way there. If you have a bloodlust etc, be sure to use it on the fire guy as he seems to give people the most trouble.

Sun of a….

You have to beat Rajh before he finishes a recharging phase, this happens when he runs out of energy and runs to the centre, while he is recharging he takes 100% more damage so be sure to use cooldowns etc. If you find you don’t have enough DPS you can always do 1 tank, 4 DPS or 1 heal, 4 DPS and have a plate DPS tank it. Also another option is to kite the boss to the corner of the room to give maximum DPS time when he goes to recharge. If you have a bloodlust or something of the sort, use it when he has about 20 energy left.

Lost City of Tol’Vir

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!


Lost City of Tol’vir

Acrocalypse now

You will need to kill 20 Frenzied Crocolisks in 10 second during the Lockmaw Encounter, to do this you can get your DPS and healers to stand on the statues behind Lockmaw until about 25-30 crocs have spawned, jump down wait for them to come to you and then aoe them. You could also get all your DPS to mount up and kite the adds when they get scent of blood on them, if it goes on to the healer the tank would just pick up the adds like they normally would.

Kill it with Fire

For this achievement you need to kill 3 burning souls during the High Prophet Barim encounter, to do this you need to let the phoenix in the first phase put fire on the ground (just don’t DPS it and it should drop fire and slowly kill itself) after you think enough fire is on the ground push him in to phase 2, as the soul fragments spawn in this phase they will go for the dark phoenix, you will need to kite the soul fragments through the fire and they will gain a debuff, this is the time when you kill them – kill 3 of them for the achievement.

Headed South

This achievement is in my opinion the hardest achievement for the meta, you have to defeat Siamat with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge. To do this you need to stack on the tank when you kill a Servent of Siamat (melee adds). If you kill the last add spawned first the boss will engage and throw everyone aroundm this means you kill the last add, get a buff, the healer heals up so everything is under control, then you kill any of the two remaining adds. This will mean you can get about 10-15 seconds of DPS on the boss. You then kill the third add and burn the boss. We found that this method caused way to much damage for our healer to handle and decided to try using two healers and having the DPS burn through the 90% reduction shield until the boss was at about 50% health, then you kill the third add and repeat the method of killing used in the first strategy. If you don’t want to spend time wiping on this achievement a much easier alternative would be to only let one or two people get the buff and do the achievement multiple times rather than all at once.

Vortex Pinnacle

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!


Vortex Pinnacle

No Static at All

To obtain this achievement you need to not get hit with the aoe ability static cling that Assad casts. To do this you could have a priest levitate your group and everytime you take damage the priest could recast it, or you could do it the way it was intended and jump to avoid getting hit by it, the cast is about 1.5 seconds so make your you jump at the right time, but do not jump before it is cast as you will still get hit.

Extra Credit Bonus Stage

In Vortex Pinnacle there are golden orbs hidden around the instance, they can be anywhere so make sure to look for them, simply find 5 and the achievement will unlock.


Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!



Rotten to the Core

This achievement is extremely easy, just have you tank pick up the 60 disciples (The three packs right in front) and the boss and just aoe them down