A WoW Blog. By Shakarr of Extra Bag Space, Saurfang

Its been a long sabbatical for this little shammy, and a long and strange trip. I created this blog some time ago to to help my guild, and others , with raiding progression and did my best to help with achievements, mostly the holiday ones. I stopped around the start of Firelands because my life took a drastic turn. I found myself moving from Australia, back to the states and doing all I can to get back on my feet. Happy to say that I’m starting to make some good progress, got an ok paying job, transportation and finally putting my life back together.

Anyway, on to the blog! Like my life there will be some changes made to the content. I will be focusing less on the raiding goals, at the moment I’m not raiding any harder then LFR (if there’s any late-late night guilds out there looking for a couple healing shammies, or a healing monk and shaman, toss me a reply). I want to bring forward some of the more fun areas of our World of Warcraft. Here’s some of the things I hope to bring forward here with the coming of the next expansion….

Transmogrification – I have this listed as a huge project for my blog, I hope to look into mogs of storybook characters, superheroes, movies, etc. Whatever may come. I hope to include multi-type for each mog where possible. That superman plate costume might look really nice on that pally, but wouldn’t you like something similar on your priest or shaman?

Music – This is a two part section for me. WoW has a lot of really talented musical artists, from the parody Queens Ember Isolte, Silver Letomi (I will miss you <3), Sharm and Gigi. To the original rockers, Druidboyz, Wick, Cranius and Lvl 90 etc. I will try to feature some of the best and newest music out there in our gaming world. On the other side of this coin, I may on occasion release some playlists. Not all of us can tolerate the game sounds after the first month, and having a great pumping-up soundtrack to enjoy the game with is a must!

Crafting – I don’t have much for this section as yet. For myself, I do some pretty awesome paper-crafting while I’m at work. I didn’t come up with the designs, but I’ll be more then happy to post pic’s of the finished ones and links to download the patterns. Potentially in the future this may also include some drawings and maybe even some cross stitch patterns, we will see where it goes.

Pet Battles – Ok, I’m a bit old to have gotten into the pokemon trend, but I am an avid pet collector. No doubt there will be posts galore on how to get the latest and greatest pets, and probably some battle stats as well. We’ll see what the story is when Blizz brings us live.

Achievements – This won’t be as extensive as my previous lists, work and just enjoying the game and all my army of alts will be consuming enough. I will be trying to keep the holidays up to date though, as well as any changes blizzard plans on making like new pets, mounts, or cool new toys.

So hopefully you all will enjoy the new changes, and if you can think of any fun new things, I look forward to hearing from you!


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