A WoW Blog. By Shakarr of Extra Bag Space, Saurfang

Where to go from here?

The Cho’Gall post has actually been a long time in coming. Truth is, if not for our disconnect issues, we would easily have this fight on farm right now. Unfortunately recently we have lost both our main tank, and our long-standing (at least, to me) Guild Master. While we are still sorting out the tanking concerns, our new GM (whom has of course been in the guild for quite a long time) is already settling into the role quite well. I still see a bright future ahead, and even currently, once our Australian nets settle down =) (not that we wouldn’t take on more members of tanking, dps’ers, and especially healing persuasions).

Where I am personally may be a little different. As a healer I don’t pretend to know everything about a fight and everyone’s roles. Healing goes without saying naturally, but often I find my experience with dps and tanking areas of a fight, well, lacking. I pride my guides (which have always been voluntary) on the way they are able to encompass all aspects of each boss fight. The issue I have primarily now is that the two people who have always helped me the most (albeit they are not the only two) with both proofreading and filling in the gaps of my missing fight mechanics are the very two I mentioned above. Our main tank, and GM. Due to this I’m not certain if the series of guides I’ve written until now will grow to encompass the final two bosses for this tier. When I started to write these as well, there was actually little written on some of the strategies that were not done by the really hardcore guilds. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and point and you’re certain to come across some good ones.

So the question I have, for those of you who actually do follow this blog, is if you would like to see this tier of guides completed? Even if it means the posts may take a bit longer in the publishing.


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