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Ascendant Council, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

Ascendant is one of those fights that basically should just get easier with time and practice. There is a lot going on, with a lot of mechanics, just like most of the new Cataclysm raids, but overall there isn’t that much that any one group should feel overwhelmed by. That said, it is none the less a fight where people WILL need to be on their feet and paying very close attention to their toons buffs and debuffs. Its also one of those cursed fights where you need to make sure everyone is alive for the last phase, but that a quarter of your raid will probably get disconnected as it starts. So prior to pulling, make sure your team does what they need to insofar as their video settings are concerned.

This fight progresses through three phases. During the first phase you will face Ignacious and Feludius, the second phase will be Arion and Terrastra, and finally the Elementium Monstrosity. The bosses use a number of abilities in each phase, but what makes this fight so interesting is that you will be using the opposing boss’ abilities to cancel out current boss abilities. In phase one Inferno Rush is used to clear Waterlog. In phase two, Searing Winds cancels out Quake, and Gravity Well cancels Thundershock. It’s important to remember these combinations. Even more important is to know what to do if you get Lightning Rod in the second phase, check Arion below for how to deal with that. Each phase changes when a boss is brought down to 25%. To minimize the amount of hit points the Elementium Monstrosity starts off with, you will want to get the bosses of each phase to 25% as close as possible to each other. Bloodlust is used at the beginning of the third phase.

Phase one: Ignacious. Ignacious and Feludius are picked up by the tanks where they stand at the top of the stairs; Ignacious on the left, Feludius on the right. Melee stacks up on the left and remains there. Ignacious will Inferno Leap to a random raid member, this will inflict 23k to 27k fire damage, and knockback anyone nearby. As he runs back to his aggro target, he leaves a trail of fire between him and the member he charged, called Inferno Rush. The tank will want to move the boss back a little to give melee room to dps without standing in it. The fire inflicts only 4k to 6k every half second, but more importantly this trail of fire is what will be needed to get rid of Feludius’s Waterlog debuff. Burning Blood is another ability that gets placed on a player, it deals increasing fire damage to that player every 2 seconds. It’s nearly always put on someone in melee range. The ability is dispellable, though it does grant nearby allies additional damage when facing Feludius, we dispel this anyway so as to keep damage even between the bosses. For the tank, they will deal with Flame Torrent, which deals 36k to 42k every second for 3 seconds. It’s an 18yrd cone effect in front of him so tanks will of course want to keep him turned from the raid. Finally comes Aegis of Flame and Rising Flame. Aegis is a one million absorb shield placed around himself and also prevents spell interruptions, Rising Flames is cast right after Aegis, and it deals increasing fire damage to the entire raid until it can be interrupted. You should have someone call out this dps switch so the shield can be brought down as quick as possible.

Phase One: Feludius. While the melee are hard at work on Ignacious, your range should be focused entirely on Feludius, except for when Aegis of Flame is up. This boss also has a number of abilities, some directly proportional to Ignacious’. Hydrolance is a devastating frost bolt that deals 45k to 55k damage to a random raid member, you should have one person with a stable connection specifically watching for this ability to interrupt it. Heart of Ice is nearly opposite to Ignacious’ Burning Blood, this is usually cast out into the range group, deals increasing frost damage every 2 seconds, is dispellable, but will give anyone who comes into contact with that person increased damage against Ignacious. Again we dispel this so as to keep damage even with the bosses. He also casts a chain of frost abilities that need to be dealt with. He starts it off with Waterbomb, this causes 9k to 11k damage to random raid members and inflicts them with Waterlog. As mentioned previously, anyone who gets this debuff should immediately run through the fire trail to get rid of it. Glaciate is the next step of the chain, it deals massive frost damage to anyone nearby which dissipates the further away a person is, however anyone who has not cleared the Waterlogged debuff will now find a new debuff on themselves, Frozen Blood. Frozen Blood will freeze the target solid, dealing 20k frost damage every two seconds for 10 seconds.

Phase Two: Arion. The bosses in phase 2 should be brought to the center of the room. In this phase, there is a great deal of movement involved, it will be very rare that you find yourself just standing in one spot. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to worry about in this phase (and perhaps the entire encounter) is Lightning Rod. The targets of this should be apparent via most boss mods, but even with that most people should not miss the giant yellow arrow floating above their heads. If this should happen to you, immediately turn to the nearest wall and don’t stop running until you get there, and do NOT run with other people who have this mark, adjust to distance yourself if need be. Ignore any other mechanics to this phase if you get this debuff. Lightning Rod is what marks people who will get hit with Chain Lightning, which bounces to anyone nearby. The more people it jumps to, the more damage it will cause. With the Lightning Rod people safely out of the way, you can focus on the rest of Arion’s abilities. He will cast Call Winds, which look like blue and black tornadoes that swirl randomly around the room. Once this is summoned you should immediately run into it, this will give you Searing Winds which will make your toon float just above the floor. This is important to counter Terrastra’s Quake ability, a massive shockwave that is sent through the earth. A small note, priests’ levitate will not work to counter Quake. Arion’s counter to Quake is Thundershock which deals 146k to 154k damage to all nearby enemies that are not ‘grounded’ from a Gravity Well, it can deal even more to people still set with the Searing Winds buff so once Quake has ended, run to a Gravity Well so you can counter this ability. Gravity Wells are white swirls located on the ground that appear to have 4 swirling winds in the corners feeding into it, it can sometimes be a little bit of a fight to get back out of a Gravity Well so plan accordingly. Finally the last two abilities for Arion are Disperse and Lightning Blast. For Disperse Arion vanishes into the wind and rematerializes elsewhere, its a good idea to have a tank with something akin to charge for quick pickups. As soon as he is whole again, he will cast Lightning Blast on the tank, inflicting 72k to 88k of nature damage.

Phase Two: Terrastra. Terrastra actually has the least abilities of all the bosses, but they are no less devastating in their effect. As mentioned through Arion, Terrastra has a deadly ground effect called Quake. Like Thundershock this deals about 146k to 154k to players standing on the ground. It can cause even more damage to anyone retaining the Gravity Well buff. Tornadoes, or Searing Winds, from Call Winds will counter this effect, allowing players to float above the effected ground. Next up is Eruption, this starts off as a minor dust effect on the floor, about the same size as a Gravity Well, which fires spikes of earth directly upward. These spikes inflict 47k to 53k and should be easily avoidable. The tank on this boss should be moving her so that neither he nor melee should take damage from this. Finally Terrastra will cast Hardened Skin, this will increase the physical damage she causes by 100%, it will also absorb 50% of the damage she takes. The shield has 650k hp and will shatter if destroyed, causing 10% damage to her.

Phase Three: Elementium Monstrosity. In this phase you will want to have your raid spread out 8 yards from each other, and have them remain spread despite the fact that they may still have to move. Elementium Monstrosity has 4 elemental attacks in this final phase: Lava Seed, Liquid Ice, Electric Instability, and Gravity Crush. Lava Seed is cast on the surrounding area which explodes causing 35k to 45k damage to all nearby players. Liquid Ice is the ability which will cause your tanks to be moving the boss consistently. A pool of ice will form under the boss, increasing in size the longer he remains standing within it. This ice will cause increasing frost damage to any players standing within it. This ability is what determines our tanking method. We pulled him to one side and snaked him up one side, then down the other, creating layers of the Ice Pool and allowing the ranged to stay 40 yards back constantly, and spread really nicely. Electric Instability is a lightning effect cast on random raid members. This starts as a damage effect that causes 5k to 7k damage, chaining to other nearby members, with a damage multiplier that increases the longer the boss remains alive. Finally he will cast Gravity Crush, this will engulf random members inside a bubble and lift them high into the air. The bubble will deal 10% of the players health every half second for 6 seconds, at which time the bubble reaches the maximum height and pops, most likely dropping the target to their death unless they get a quick heal, or get or use a safe-falling technique (blink, levitate, heroic leap, rocket jump to name only a few). You want to lust at the beginning of this phase to burn him as quickly as possible.


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