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Maloriak, 25 man Dlackwing Descent

Maloriak is all about simple avoidance, interrupting, and dps. The fight cycles through 3 vials and 2 phases, each vial change being signified by the addition of a potion to his cauldron, and the phase change happens when he reaches 25%. The first phase he will randomly toss in a blue or red vial, alternate on the second vial, and every third vial he will throw in a green one. Maloriak himself will also be attacking the raid during this time. One thing different about this fight, is the fact that we use three tanks. The adds that you will have to deal with during this encounter hit very hard, and the amount you need to handle in each cycle may be too much for just one tank. We place our least geared tank on the boss, as he does not hit as hard, and the other 2 pick up the adds evenly and take them to separate corners.

Maloriak, Every vial. During the first phase, the boss will be attacking the raid with Arcane Storm. It hits for 14k to 16k damage every second for 6 seconds to everyone in the raid, you should have an interrupter assigned for this. You will also want to have interrupters assigned for his second ability, Release Aberrations. You will NOT be interrupting these every time they are cast, more that you will be interrupting to stagger the amount you will have to deal with during the green vial. He will release 3 of these from their growth chambers each cast which will begin attacking the raid, you need to have 9 of these alive for the green vial. You will want to interrupt all but 3 of these each cycle, and especially if you are about to go into a green. Good communication here between your offtanks and dps is a must. Killing 9 each cycle will keep you from having to deal with them in the final phase, leaving only the two big adds. It is also very important that the adds be kept away from the boss at ALL times, or else they will buff him. Finally he casts Remedy, which begins by healing himself for 75k health and 2k mana, but increases by an additional 75k a second for 10 seconds. Have a mage spell steal this effect, or at least make sure it is dispelled.

Red, Fire vial. The raid needs to stack for this vial, he casts an ability called Searing Flames which will deal 1,250,00 of damage split among all raid members. Also in this phase he casts Consuming Flames on a random target. They will take 9k of damage every second and get a debuff placed on them. Any additional damage taken by this target will increase the effect of this debuff by 50%, so anyone who has this debuff will want to be moved away from the group when he casts Searing Flames.

Blue, Frost vial. When Maloriak throws a blue vial into the cauldron, the raid will want to immediately spread out 10 yards from each other. Like the red vial, he also does two attacks in this phase, both of which chain to nearby raid members. The first of these is called Frost Freeze. When cast it will encase a random raid member in a block of ice, and anyone else within 10 yards. The blocks will last for 30 seconds and cause 70k to 80k of damage to anyone encased, when the blocks break anyone within 10 yards will also take an additional 56k to 64k of damage. The second attack is Biting Chill, which targets a random player and casts a ring of frost on them which deals 5k damage to them and anyone else within 10 yards.

Green, Poison vial. When the green vial explodes, everything in the room will be coated in Debilitating Slime. All players and enemies alike will take 100% more damage while coated, but it will also remove the Adherents’ protective Growth Catalysts, allowing you to finally kill them. At this point in time you will want to have all dps aoe killing the adds. Maloriak will jump to the back of the room, your add tank should be ready to pull the adds back to him quickly so as to damage all at the same time. Dps and interrupters of Arcane Storm should also anticipate this move so they don’t loose anything in the transaction.

Phase Two. At 25% Maloriak will enrage and cast Release All Minions. If you killed the 18 during the green vial phase, you should only have the two Prime Subjects to deal with. These 2 should be picked up by the offtanks immediately, otherwise they will Fixate on their current target and attack them the remainder of the fight. Your tanks will want to try to keep the Prime Subjects two corners ahead of where the boss will be kited. Maloriak also has two damaging attacks in this final phase, Acid Nova and Absolute Zero. Acid Nova is an aoe that deals 7.5k damage a second for 10 seconds, just heal through it. Absolute Zero are summoned frost orbs that appear by a random target. If touched, they cause 47k to 53k damage to anyone within 10 yards, and knock everyone back that’s in range. Avoid these and spread in case you can’t get out. Finally he casts Flame Jets in the direction of the tank. Maloriak should be constantly moving in this last phase, so the raid will need to always be aware of his position so they can move quickly to get out of it. Tanks should be watching his animation as well so they can sidestep the Magma Jets. Bloodlust at the beginning of this phase.


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