A WoW Blog. By Shakarr of Extra Bag Space, Saurfang

Chimaeron, 25 Man Blackwing Descent

Chimaeron is designed to test your healers, dps and tanks will likely find this fight quite boring. By testing, I mean showing control over your healing and managing your mana, especially in these first steps of raiding where mana is at a premium for all healers. Chimaeron consists of 3 phases, the first two alternate, and the 3rd happens when he hits 20%. You don’t start this fight by pulling Chimaeron, like you normally would for a boss, but instead go around to the back of the room. Finkle will be waiting there in his cage, spamming your screen with his woeful cries of help. Instead of leaving his cage and coming to your aid though, he sends his Bile-O-Tron, which is no small help.

Phase one starts when Finkle activates the Bile-O-Tron, it will cycle around the room and awake the boss. Before the fight starts, you will want to assign a healer to every group, one to the tanks (during Double Strike), and have the remaining healers float. I suggest 8 healers for this fight. Make sure that your dps get into a comfortable position, and that your healers can reach everyone in their group. Spread out, 8 yards from one another, and note your position so you can run to it asap with only minor adjustments. As Bile-O-Tron makes his circuit, he will spray Finkle’s Mixture around the room. This will help in saving the life of everyone in the raid. So long as he is active, anyone above 10k health cannot die, so healers need only focus on keeping their groups above this, not topping everyone off. Chimaeron will have five abilities during this phase of the fight. The tanks will be dealing with two of these by themselves, Double Strike and Break. Double Strike is just that, a second melee attack 0.1 seconds after the next melee attack against the person holding the aggro. This tank should be geared and specced for self healing, mitigation, and survivability. They don’t necessarily need to generate more threat on the boss, just taunt for the ability. Break puts stacking debuff on tanks that reduces healing by 15%, increases damage by 25% per stack, 60 second duration, max 4 stacks. Make sure your pally healer is keeping Beacon of Light on the tank taking the Break damage. During these two abilities you will want one tank on him, taking the Break and damage. Since Chim’s attacks are only a 5 second swing, you need only keep this tank above 10k hit points. When Double Strike is announced, the other tank will taunt him and take the brunt of the attacking. This tank will need to be kept topped off while he is the one with aggro.

For the rest of the raid, they will have their own worries. Chimaeron will choose several people in the raid and cast Caustic Slime on them. This will drop each of its targets below 10k making them vulnerable to another attack. In addition anyone caught nearby will take a split of the damage, dropping them below as well and stressing the healers. The second ability to watch for is Massacre, this will bring your entire raid down to 1 hit point, and they will need to be healed above 10k immediately or die to the next Caustic Slime. Whenever a player drops below 10k Hit Points, they get a debuff called Low Health, healing them above 10k will get rid of this. The final ability in this phase actually signifies the beginning of the next phase, Feud. The Bile-O-Tron will go offline and the heads Chimaeron will begin to fight with each other.

Phase two, Feud. As soon as the Bile-O-Tron goes offline (‘System Failure’ on most mods), it is of the utmost importance that everyone stack up, designate where before the fight begins. This is where the stress comes in for the healers, as the Caustic Slime will continue to come. Fortunately because the damage is now split between all of your raid, it will no longer one shot anyone, but everyone with an aoe healing ability should be using it here to keep the raid alive. It is also STRONGLY suggested (and in our raid required) to have everyone trained above 500 First Aid. Everyone is required to bandage every Feud phase except for the healers or hybrid dps who are helping to heal. This way people can bandage themselves to take some of the stress off the healers. This phase lasts 30 seconds, and a Massacre will cast nearly the same time the phase ends. Have your raid begin to spread back to their original positions when there is about 4 seconds left on the Massacre cast. Phase one will begin again and healers will go back to controlling their heals. At about 25%-30% healers should begin to focus on topping off the tanks, along with continuing to keep the raid alive (make leeway here with healing, if possible). When Chimaeron reaches 20%, he will go into phase 3. Do NOT push him to 20% until after a Massacre is cast and the raid is all above 10k

Phase three will put a debuff on the entire raid called Mortality, which reduces healing effects by 99%, increases the damage he takes by 20%, and renders him immune to taunt. Fortunately Bile-O-Tron will remain active. When the phase starts, Bloodlust. Healers can now relax from the urgent healing and focus instead on dpsing the boss by any and all means necessary. Every bit of damage will be required to help bring this behemoth down. The key to success is burning him down, but also keeping him moving. If you see him target you, run to the other side of the room away from him.


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