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Atramedes, 25 Man Blackwing Descent

Atramedes takes a mechanic we’re well familiar with, and adds that special twist to it. This dragon may be blind, but that won’t stop him from completely annihilating your raid a few times while you learn him, handy capable indeed. If you’re lucky enough to not have mods blocking it, the first thing you’ll notice when you pull this boss is the circle that will show up about mid-lower-center of your screen. This is your sound indicator and it will be your best friend for this fight.

The setup: We split our raid so there’s an even number of people on each side, heals and dps. One group stacks between the door and the boss, our second group is between the boss and the back of the room. In this way, when the boss summons the disk’s, they are easier to dodge. The fight only requires one tank so we have him face the dragon to the right. And finally, we have someone out ringing the gongs, low latency is pro here as it takes good timing.

The Mechanics: All of Atremedes’ attacks are ‘sound’ based. Not only will they cause damage to the raid, but they will also increase the sound that you take on. If your sound reaches the max level (that little circle in the middle of your screen), he will one shot you. In addition, the amount of damage you take is multiplied by the amount of sound you have. So its important that you avoid taking on as much sound as possible to keep from dying early. Your gong runner can hit a gong and clear the entire raid of their sound, but these clears are of course limited, so don’t use more then once per ground phase and twice per air phase. Banging the gong will put Atramedes into a state of Vertigo, where he will take 50% more damage. This will of course get him pretty angry and he will destroy the gong once its been used. There is a specific time the gongs should be used, covered in the mechanics of the fight.

Phase one, ground. There are four things he will cast while he’s on the ground phase of the encounter. The first of these attacks is called Modulation, it looks like a lined circle(s) that radiates out from him, taking up the entire room. It causes 39k to 41k of shadow damage and increases your sound by 7, unfortunately it is unavoidable. Not to be confused with it is Sonar Pulse which looks like a smaller, multiplied version of the Modulation, and will start underneath him and move out from there. This effect moves slower, and should be dodged. If touched, it will cause arcane damage and increase your sound by an additional 7. Third is Sonic Breath, this will target the player with the most sound and after a 2 second cast, will shoot a jet of flame out at that player. The player that gets this cast on them will need to separate themselves from their group and run in a circle around him. Since your team is split up, this should keep the jet from hitting anyone besides the target. The higher the target’s sound, the faster the jet will follow them, hitting them with 15k damage a second and 20 sound every second it touches them (as well as anyone else caught in it). Finally the last cast is Searing Flame. This is a devastating attack that inflicts 14k to 16k damage every second and applies a debuff which increases fire damage by 25% 8 times over a period of 8 seconds. Its VERY important that Searing Flames gets interrupted, and the only way to do so is through Vertigo, the effect of the used gong. So time your gong rings to this ability.

Phase Two, Air. This phase is far more chaotic then the first. Once Atramedes takes off into the air, your raid will want to scatter, and be continuously moving. Try avoiding the center during this phase as the effects can and often will persist beyond the phase. There are 3 attacks performed during his air phase, Roaring Flame Breath, Sonic Bombs, and Sonic Fireballs. Roaring Flames Breath will target the player with the highest sound, and will follow them as they try to run. Like the Sonic Breath in phase one, the higher the person’s sound, the faster it will follow them. Unlike phase one, the flames will stay on the ground after, inflicting 14k to 16k damage and an additional 7k to 9k every second thereafter for 4 seconds. Sonic Fireballs are a bit more painful, pelting the raid with 29k to 31k fire damage to anyone within 6 yards of impact. As you are running, you will notice throughout the phase that more circular sound discs will appear, except this time directly on you. This is the Sonic Bomb and fortunately its stationary once its chosen its targets, so its easy to get out of it and avoid the 30k arcane damage it inflicts. Don’t forget to ring the gong again in this phase to clear the sound, and be prepared to run after, as you will likely be the next target for the Roaring Flames Breath. So again phase two is all about moving to avoid the fire and sonic, if you’re not standing still for a long period of time, or running into something you shouldn’t, you should be able to live through this phase pretty easily.

After 40 seconds Atramedes will land and phase one will begin again. Stack up again as close as you can to where you started, avoiding any remaining fire of course. Repeat from the beginning.


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