A WoW Blog. By Shakarr of Extra Bag Space, Saurfang

Valiona and Theralion, 25 man Bastion of Twilight

The twin Dragons are purely a mechanical fight. Your raid will need to have a high degree of awareness in order to down this dastardly duo. You’ll see as you start this fight, that you will only face one dragon at a time while the other flies around the room. Each one has separate abilities that your raid will need to contend with. We started off the fight by pulling Valiona first. The dragons share a health pool, but they do not share threat, so each dragon will need to be picked up as soon as possible as they are landing. Dps be weary of the dragon landing. Bloodlust is used off the bat.

The first ability is Blackout. She will target someone at random (besides the tank) with this ability. Your raid will almost immediately begin to stack underneath her tail. Blackout causes mass damage to its target. This debuff is dispelable but doing so will cause the damage from the debuff to explode as an aoe effect instead. This damage is split between all members in the area and as such all of your raid should be in this proximity to offset the damage. As soon as Blackout is dispelled, everyone will need to spread out asap.

Theralion will be pelting the raid with shadowy bolts called Twilight Blast. These blasts will target a player and cause 19k to 21k of damage to anyone within 8 yards of each other, so its important to stay apart at all times during his air phase, except during Blackout.

Another ability of Valiona’s is Devouring Flames. It acts the same as her breath in Grim Batol, spraying a shadowy cone of fire in the direction she faces.  This fire takes up half of the room, and anyone remaining standing inside of it will die by the end, overall its 100k of damage over 3 seconds. The way to avoid this would depend on where you are when she faces you. If its dead on and you’re far enough back with room behind you, run backward to outdistance it (no backpedaling!!). If you’re closer to the edges of the flame, and/or her, strafe out and possibly run toward her. Just whatever you do, choose the fastest route to get out of this, your healers will thank you.

After two blackouts and breaths, Theralion will begin to cast Dazzling Destruction. This starts off as swirling light purple clouds on the ground that take up a lot of space. After 5 seconds, he will ignite these and anyone caught within the blast zone will be sent into the Twilight realm. While you should not be in this zone, if you do find yourself there be cautious to avoid the floating balls and make your way immediately to the portal in the room.  While he starts the blasts, you should immediately start making your way either to the middle (for melee) or to the floor of the opposite side (range/healers). Range will be just to the left of where you entered the room, barring any Dazzling Destruction in the way, while the melee should be behind the dragon. As the 2 dragons are transitioning, one last Blackout will go out, so you will want to have everyone running the same way to be able to stack very briefly on the way to their run points.

Once Theralion is on the ground, Valiona will begin her aerial assault. Melee should be stacked in the middle at this point, and range at the run-to area. Valiona will cast Twilight Meteor on random raid members, this is signified by a purple arrow floating over the players head. After about 6 seconds that player and anyone within 8 yards will be hit with between 117k to 123k split damage.

Shortly after the first targets are chosen for Twilight Meteor, Theralion will cast Fabulous Flames. This is a big purple circle on the floor, usually directed at but not limited to, the range group. Our range team stayed prepared for this, and immediately run to the left as soon as it lands.

Theralion’s other ground ability is called Engulfing Magic, and it will wipe raids easily if people are not paying attention or anticipating it, HoT and DoT casters in particular. Everyone will want to try to watch their casts just prior to this going out, so that you are not stuck with a massive spell-converted-to-raid-damage raid blowup. Two people will be targeted with this debuff, they need to IMMEDIATELY move out of the raid, and away from each other. Depending on where your raid is positioned, up the stairs or back in the alcoves are good run places. The debuff placed on the two targets will convert any healing or damage done from that target into equal shadow damage to anyone within 10 yards of that person. It will also increase the affected person’s healing or dps by 100%, so you don’t want them to stop casting, just get away from everyone asap. The debuff lasts 20 seconds.

The last thing to happen in this phase is Valiona’s Twilight Flames. She will randomly fly over 1 of 3 sections of the room and Deep Breath a trail of purple fire on the ground. This fire inflicts 14k to 16k of shadow damage and sends anyone caught into it back into the Twilight realm. Again you shouldn’t get caught but if you do, avoid the balls and find the portal. She will cast her breath three times before she lands. Once Valiona’s down, Theralion flies back up again and the phases start over until you kill them.


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