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Magmaw, 25 man Blackwing Descent

Magmaw is a fight which seemingly takes place in two parts. While everyone’s goal is to squish the bug, the mechanics for both your melee and range will definitely differ. One thing that is consistent for both groups though is the boss’ Lava Spew. This is basically a raid-wide aoe that just needs to be healed through.

Range should be spread toward the back of the room. In addition to dpsing the boss, they will also need to be very aware of the timer on the Pillar of Fire. As the timer hits one, your range will want to strafe to the left to avoid being tossed up in the air and taking massive damage. This also summons parasites. They have a range of 5 yards and will move in the direction of your raid. Hunters will want to drop frost traps, or have shamans dropping earthbind. You want to keep them slowed, as if they reach someone in raid (range 5 yards), they will bite and infect someone, causing more parasites to spawn. They also do a ton of damage, about 13k every 2 seconds. These quickly become unmanageable, so they need to be kited. We had a death Knight kite them with Blood Presence in dps gear.

In the melee range you’ll want to have one raid healer. Since they won’t have to move for the pillar they can provide steady heals to the melee and tank while your range are moving out of stuff. It’s important to note that at least one person will need to be in melee range of him at all times, as he will wipe the raid if there is not. You want to position melee on the left side of the edge, and your tank on the right hand side. Melee’s fairly simple to begin with, stand on the edge of the hole, and hit the boss. You will probably want to save your long cooldowns however.

There is one thing the melee will want to watch out for, Ignition, and looks like a large patch of steam on the floor. Strafe out of this, it’s the boss’ fire breath and it will hurt if you don’t move. When the kiting phase of the parasites is over, your tank will be picked up in Magmaw’s mouth, this is his Mangle ability. This will last for 30 seconds or until he becomes chained. During this time the tank will take 147,500 of chewing damage every second. It’s a good idea to have a paladin tanking the boss as they are able to bubble off this damage. The boss won’t melee while the tank is in his mouth. Once the tank is spat out, he will get a debuff called Sweltering Armor that lasts 60 seconds, which reduces armor by 50%. If the melee has not spiked the boss within 30 seconds of Mangle, the boss will swallow your tank, killing him.

As the tank is being nommed on, the boss will become mountable.You want two melee on this with quick reactions. As soon as they mount up, they’ll see that their bar’s converted to vehicle and they should have an option to chain the boss. Clicking this option will give them a targeting circle which they need to place over the spike in the floor. What this will do is pull the boss’ head to the ground and impale it on the spike in the middle of the floor, bug brains anyone? Once impaled, you will want to blow all of your cooldowns as this is the period when Magmaw takes the most damage, 100% increased, so use bloodlust during this first damage phase. Being as there is no damage going out during this phase, your healers will want to use this opportunity to catch up on their mana regen, or preferably do some dps if able. Eventually he will break free, and in doing so will make everyone’s threat table equal. Your tank will want to be fast on the taunt here, as the boss will attack the first person to hit him. From there its just a repeat of his abilities. Just keep it up, pay attention, and you’ll win the fight.


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