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Omnitron Defense System, 25 man Blackwing Descent

The key to winning Omnitron is coordination and raid awareness. What you are basically dealing with is four constructs, with 2 being available at all times except at the beginning. The order they are active is determined when you start the pull, and will continue to be in the same order for the rest of that attempt. You need to know when to stack up, when to spread out, and when to run from the group. Each of the constructs has its own abilities that people need to be watching out for. I’ll try to touch on each of these things to help you through the fight. Shields will be covered a little later. We blow Bloodlust at the initial pull of each attempt, but its not a dps race as there is no enrage timer. Some good points though would be during Arcanotron when everyone is stacked for Power Generator, or Toxitron for Chemical Bomb.

If Electron is available in any capacity, your raid needs to be spread out 10 yards, that takes priority over any other active boss positions. He does a chain lightning effect (Electrical Discharge) that will cause a lot of damage to your raid (29-31k per person), as well as making someone in your raid a Lightning Conductor (24k-26k every 2 seconds, aoe damage). So again, its important to stay spread when he’s up.

As a healer, the next important boss to me is Arcanotron. The reason for this is his Power Generator ability, while this increases damage by 50% for all targets in 5 yards of it (enemy or friend) it also regenerates mana. It looks like a swirly white-ish blue/purple cloud under his feet. So the key here is to kite him out of these so he does not get the buff, and your range will want to all stack up on this to get the damage and/or mana regen effect. Unless Electron is up, stack on the swirly! Your tank will only want to move him just out of this so that melee will get the buff as well. He also has an Arcane Annihilator ability which NEEDS to be interrupted, it will do 48k-52k of damage to one random target otherwise. For this reason its good to have a Warrior, Death Knight, or Druid tanking him for the interruptions. One note here on his shield, it creates a buff that a mage can, and for our grouping should, spell-steal it. It will give them 10% magic damage and haste. As well, this buff should be actively dispelled, especially if you don’t have a lot of mages. (We have one, good raiding horde mages should apply to extrabagspace.org) You do not want this to stack at all, so macro accordingly.

The next dangerous construct is Toxitron. For the most part of this fight, again you will want to be stacked up unless your dealing with Elecrton (I can’t stress this guy enough). Chances are, the first thing you’ll see about this guy is the poison aoe he drops on the ground. This is actually a Chemical Bomb that he’s thrown at a random target. You want to have your group out of this as it causes 50% increased damage dealt to anyone inside it. Because this effects everyone and everything, you do want to try positioning the boss inside this to get him down faster. The other ability of this boss is Poison Protocol. If you’re using good mods (BigWigs is pretty good for this currently) you will be able to see who this is effecting. If you see your name come up, you basically want to put some distance between both your raid and the slimes. If they catch up to you, they will one shot you. Not only that, they will leave a void zone on the ground. Hunters (or Shamans if need be) should be dropping frost traps (Earthbind) to keep them slowed, all dps not targeted should prioritize killing these before they get to their targets, play smart and move away to give them the room you and they need. Melee should start moving out in advance for this, and it will not target its current tank (despite what your mods might say).

Finally, you will have to contend with Magmatron. You guessed it, stack up unless Electron is up. The key to surviving him relies on individual’s raid awareness. He uses Acquiring Target which will draw a red beam between himself and a target chosen at random. If you are targeted with this ability, he will be casting Flamethrower on you, so you need to IMMEDIATELY run OUT of the raid, preferably in an arch so that he turns with you. If you just run forward or backward, you will wipe most of your raid. If you just strafe to the side, chances are you will still clip your raid with this fiery cone of effect, killing a few people. When Magmatron is up, you will want to keep a sharp eye out on where you and others are positioned at all times, especially if you’re unlucky and get Electron active at the same time. Just because your raid may not be stacked up for him is not reason enough to allow others to die because you decided to cone them, and obviously it doesn’t hurt to run away if someone has the beam near you. The other ability he has is Incineration Security Measure. This is a raid-wide aoe fire effect designed to keep your healers out of mana =P. Basically its just something more to heal through, you can’t interrupt it, but its only 14k-16k every second for 4 seconds so by itself its not devastating (but of course you’ll never just have one thing to contend with, eh?)

Shields. Shields are designed to force you to change from one tron to the next. Every tron has one, and every one of them hurts the longer you continue to dps the target once its up. If your raid is paying attention to these coming up and switching, the rest of this paragraph should be moot. However we are not in a perfect world, and chances are your raid will also probably contend with this in the beginning. So here’s some of what you may see killing you as you get used to this fight. First up, Backdraft. Magmatron’s Barrier absorbs 450k of damage, if its broken, it will explode inflicting 73k to 78k to everyone in your raid. Electron’s Unstable Shield will basically fire back at anything that attacks it. Static Shock is activated when someone causes damage to the shield and will inflict 58k to 62k in retaliation. Arcanotron’s shield is Power Conversion. This shield converts damage against it into 10% magic damage and attack speed. It is spell-stealable so your lucky mage will get a nice buff. Finally we come to Toxitron’s Poison Soaked Shell. This is a stacking debuff that starts out by inflicting 5k of damage every 2 seconds. As well it causes spells to deal 9k to 11k of additional damage per stack per 30 seconds. It doesn’t seem much at first, but this can stack up to 100 times, so the longer you remain on him once the shield is up, the more chance you will have of dying.


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