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Lost City of Tol’Vir

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!


Lost City of Tol’vir

Acrocalypse now

You will need to kill 20 Frenzied Crocolisks in 10 second during the Lockmaw Encounter, to do this you can get your DPS and healers to stand on the statues behind Lockmaw until about 25-30 crocs have spawned, jump down wait for them to come to you and then aoe them. You could also get all your DPS to mount up and kite the adds when they get scent of blood on them, if it goes on to the healer the tank would just pick up the adds like they normally would.

Kill it with Fire

For this achievement you need to kill 3 burning souls during the High Prophet Barim encounter, to do this you need to let the phoenix in the first phase put fire on the ground (just don’t DPS it and it should drop fire and slowly kill itself) after you think enough fire is on the ground push him in to phase 2, as the soul fragments spawn in this phase they will go for the dark phoenix, you will need to kite the soul fragments through the fire and they will gain a debuff, this is the time when you kill them – kill 3 of them for the achievement.

Headed South

This achievement is in my opinion the hardest achievement for the meta, you have to defeat Siamat with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge. To do this you need to stack on the tank when you kill a Servent of Siamat (melee adds). If you kill the last add spawned first the boss will engage and throw everyone aroundm this means you kill the last add, get a buff, the healer heals up so everything is under control, then you kill any of the two remaining adds. This will mean you can get about 10-15 seconds of DPS on the boss. You then kill the third add and burn the boss. We found that this method caused way to much damage for our healer to handle and decided to try using two healers and having the DPS burn through the 90% reduction shield until the boss was at about 50% health, then you kill the third add and repeat the method of killing used in the first strategy. If you don’t want to spend time wiping on this achievement a much easier alternative would be to only let one or two people get the buff and do the achievement multiple times rather than all at once.


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