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Halls of Origination

Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!

Halls of Origination

I Hate That Song

Really simple achievement, when Temple Guardian Anhuur goes immune and you need to hit the levers, get two people to go right and two to go left, one kites the snakes up the stairs while the other hits the levers, then you interrupt the cast and repeat until the boss dies.

Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back

Another really easy achievement – Before engaging Earthrager Ptah make sure to mount one of the camels that are down the stairs just before where the boss is, there is no catch just simply defeat him while riding a camel. The only thing that can make you not get this achievement is by getting hit by spikes and the camel dying.

Faster Than the Speed of Light

For this you have to beat the vault of light even in under 5 minutes, the time limit is quite lenient but if you don’t hurry you will miss it – This achievement will unlock as soon as the four mini bosses are dead and the short role play finished you DON’T need to kill the last boss. If your tank pulls any of the Troggs simply have him take them with him to the boss, don’t directly target them, splash damage should take care of them, when each boss is about to die start running to the next boss, finishing him off while you make your way there. If you have a bloodlust etc, be sure to use it on the fire guy as he seems to give people the most trouble.

Sun of a….

You have to beat Rajh before he finishes a recharging phase, this happens when he runs out of energy and runs to the centre, while he is recharging he takes 100% more damage so be sure to use cooldowns etc. If you find you don’t have enough DPS you can always do 1 tank, 4 DPS or 1 heal, 4 DPS and have a plate DPS tank it. Also another option is to kite the boss to the corner of the room to give maximum DPS time when he goes to recharge. If you have a bloodlust or something of the sort, use it when he has about 20 energy left.


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