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Big thanks to Gilthresa for putting these together, and allowing me along for the ride!



Ready for raiding

Avoid the fire wall… Does much more really need to be said?

Rat pack

During the Helix Gearbreaker encounter, the lumbering oaf will randomly pick up a person and will slam them into the rat infested wood, after he does this simply target the rats and kill them or have someone stand under the wood and aoe them.

Prototype Prodigy

For this achievement you need to keep the Prototype reaper from falling below 90% health… I would say only during the boss encounter if that were the case. I cannot stress enough – do not get into the Prototype reaper and DPS the trash because you might take agro and drop under 90% thus making the achievement unobtainable in the lockout. When you are clearing the trash have your tank drag the last trash mob up to the spiral bit, after it is dead have a DPS jump in the reaper up the top, and go down the bottom. The tank will then pull the boss and drag him ALL the way up the spiral whilst the reaper will stay down and tank the adds, the reaper will not take any damage from the adds so therefore will not need heals.

It’s Frost Damage

During the Admiral Ripsnarl encounter Freezing Vapors will spawn, when they evolve 4 times they will start to cast a spell called Coalesce. For the achievement you need to have 3 Vapors cast Coalesce during the fight. Once Admiral Ripsnarl disappears at about 75%, mark the first 3 Vapors that spawn – When you see them start to cast Coalesce simply LOS them behind something. Make sure that 3 cast it and you will get the achievement.

I’m on a Diet

One of the easiest achievements for the meta, during the Cookie encounter simply don’t eat the bad food and you will get this achievement.

Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator

This achievement requires you to beat the Vanessa VanCleef gauntlet and engage her in 5 minutes. To start off the gauntlet she will put you on a rope and start lowering you in to the lava pool, simply click the valves on the sides to be released, as soon as you are released, run to the second light patch on the ground and jump straight off the edge, and quickly make your way to the door, defeat the boss and be sure to move from the ice.

You will then enter Helix’s nightmare and a bunch of spiders will spawn everywhere, if you stack on the door you can avoid having to deal with these at all, defeat Helix and you will move on to the next nightmare. Once you enter the next nightmare you will see a heap of laser beam type things, if you get to close to these for a second or two you will most likely die, so slowly make your way through this gauntlet. Be sure to take your time because a death will end up losing more time than it would of to just take it slow. Once you reach the end defeat the boss to move on to the next nightmare.

In this next nightmare you will need to save Ripsnarl’s family, so to do this run straight in and have your tank taunt the pack off enemies that are there, quickly burn these down then follow the path to the next set of worgens, defeat these rather quickly also (if you have a bloodlust I suggest using it here) Then quickly make your way to the third and final worgen, quickly burn this one down – at about 50% have your tank run to Vanessa ready to engage her.


One response

  1. Gilthresa

    Update to the Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator…
    You need a warlock or a shaman in your group to do this

    After you kill the first two mini bosses, you can use the teliporter to go to the ship, from there you run to the door which the foe reaper is at (after the mario style gauntlet) you can then use any means to open the door (rogue, key, blast charge) and open the door, you then kill this boss.

    After he dies instantly mount up and run to where Vanessa spawns, once the elixer wears off you will all die, have the shaman or warlock res with ankh or soulstone and pull the boss when she appears and the achievement should pop.

    Please remember that this is an easy way to get this achievement and at any point in time this method could be fixed. At the time of writing this it works.

    December 31, 2010 at 9:05 PM

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