A WoW Blog. By Shakarr of Extra Bag Space, Saurfang

Welcome Back

Well, its been a busy week for EBS. A large portion of the guild, and especially its core raiding group have managed to hit 85. And as no surprise, that is only where the REAL work has begun. 2 days after the release of Cata I hit level cap, and not a moment has gone by where it seems I’ve not been working on one thing or another. My days have been filled with Therazane dailies while I make my rounds to get ore for the multiple pieces I need to have crafted. Engineering, Cooking, and Archeology are getting fit in where I have time as well (and the odd fish here and there). The guild has progressed to level 3. And, finally after countless weekends spent, I’ve managed to win the STV fishing contest, and obtain my Salty title (even though it will still not replace my beloved “Insane” title)! Happy day indeed, as I also managed to acquire a Hyacinth Macaw that evening as well, one of the very few old pets I was missing and been working to get for close to 2 years now. And more good news, the guild is up and raiding now before the holidays, and I’ve managed to land myself a sweet heroic achievement running group. So expect posts as I’m able to get them up!!

Its been one exciting week indeed, but I’m sure you guys want the juicy strategy bits, so I will have an Argaloth strategy up for you in short order!


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