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Best Quests of 403a (work in progress)

This list is FAR from complete, but just a few of the gems I’ve stumbled over the last week…

Plaguebloom vs Ghouls, Hillsbrad
Welcome to the Machine, Hillsbrad
Azurite Experiment Number 2, Azshara
Nine’s Plan, Azshara
The Day Deathwing Came, Badlands
Its Goat Time, Baby, Badlands
The Sentinel’s Game, Badlands
The Warden’s Game, Badlands
The Hidden Clutch (Starts with the Fuselight Proper), Badlands
Rocket Rescue, Tanaris
Just Trying to Kill Some Bugs, Tanaris

Joy Ride, Azshara
Glutton for Fiery/Icy/Shadowy Punishment, Azshara

Not Fireflies, Flameflies, Burning Steppes: Tiny Flamefly
Withers, purchase in Darkshore (npc is object of an alliance kill quest, might have to wait for him to be up)
PvG, Hillsbrad: Brazie’s Sunflower
NPC Fiona Enter to EPL from WPL… you need a buff to see the loot bag this pet drops from: Mr. Grubbs
Goblin Trike, Goblin Turbo Trike: Bilgewater Goblin Rep
Also, completing the quests in Azshara will give you a Faded Wizards Hat, which can transform you into a different race/sex every half hour.

Places to see:
The Eye of the Vortex, Darkshore
The Maw of the Void, Darkshore

I encourage any comments for other quests/zones to check out!!!!


2 responses

  1. Added via Rad, a guildmate:

    I’ll add some stuff that’s been fun from my PoV too 😀

    Bar Fight – Thousand Needles 😀
    All of 1k Needles was enjoyable.

    Also the last bit of WPL, where we get to see what Tirion is up to after he killed the lich king. Not exciting but at least we know what paladins are good for.

    In STV (don’t remember if it’s north or south) you get to control a mini raptor trying to escape ZG 😀 that was good.

    Also the whole pirate quest in Booty Bay is fun with all the phasing you actually see pirate ships IN Booty Bay.

    December 1, 2010 at 8:55 PM

  2. Karl

    Pretty much all of stonetalon mountains. I actually left that area with a fair amount of respect for Garrosh

    December 3, 2010 at 1:42 PM

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