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Pilgrim’s Bounty Walkthrough, 2010

Pilgrim’s Bounty is based on the US holiday Thanksgiving, which falls on Thursday during the week-long game event.

Thanks to http://wow.joystiq.com/2009/11/20/the-overachiever-guide-to-pilgrims-bounty-2009/ and http://wow.joystiq.com/2009/11/22/pilgrims-bounty-faq/ For helping me fill in the blanks from last year.

*note before beginning, none of the achievements for Pilgrim’s Bounty count toward the meta “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”.

Food Fight – Bounce food off a fellow feasters head at a Bountiful Table.

When you sit at a chair at a bountiful table, the first option you will have available is to ‘pass a dish’ (the dish that matches the chair you are sitting in, mouse over before sitting down to see which is which). By targeting another person at the table and pressing 1 you will throw food at that player and get the achievement. This could take more than one try, it did the first time I tried it.

Now We’re Cookin’ – Cook up one of every Pilgrim’s Bounty dish: candied sweet potato, pumpkin pie, spice bread stuffing, cranberry chutney, slow-roasted turkey.

This is actually the best function of the holiday event besides the actual achievement points (in my opinion). Its time to power level your cooking on your new or unleveled cooking toons (at least for vanilla level cooking). Make sure you have plenty of room in your bags, and don’t throw out any of the cooked goods you make, you’ll end up using most if not all of it.

*note: Do Pilgrim’s Paunch as you go from city to city. Also do Food Fight, and Sharing is Caring as you find people available.

Start off by picking up a cookbook at the pilgrim vendor outside any city. Also learn Spice Bread recipe from any cooking trainer.

1: First make Spice Bread Stuffing. You need Spice bread (which you should also have learned from the trainer: simple flour and mild spices bought from the cooking supplies beside most cooking trainers) and Autumnal Herbs (same place as the cookbook). Make enough of both of these to level your cooking to 100.

100: Pumpkin Pie. Head over to Undercity. From the Pilgrim vendor here, buy Pumpkins and Honey. Make enough to level cooking to 160.

160:Cranberry Chutney: Time for Orgrimmar. Buy Tangy Southfury Cranberries and Honey. Enough to level cooking to 220.

220: Candied Sweet Potato. Thunder Bluff. Buy Mulgore Sweet Potato, Honey, and Autumnal Herbs. Enough to level to 280.

280: At this point I suggest heading back over to the Undercity. Turn in 20 of your Cranberry Chutney as you head out from the city. This is a good time to do The Turkinator. You can’t buy the turkeys, so you may as well get it all while you’re here. Scroll down to “The Turkinator” to see the best way to get these. This should carry you to 300, Outland level cooking. You’ll need to pick up a bit more Autumnal Herbs, and this time 2 Honey per.

Pilgrim’s Paunch – Acquire the spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every Horde capital.

I suggest doing this at the same time you are leveling Now We’re Cookin’, make sure you pass the dishes as well to get Sharing is Caring and Food Fight. If you missed doing it then, just grab it as you turn in the daily quests for Pilgrim’s Progress.

For Horde, the locations of the tables are:

Orgrimmar: directly outside the main entrance to the city.

Thunder Bluff: directly below the western elevators.

Silvermoon: across the road from the main entrance to the city.

Undercity: above the city in the ruins of Lordaeron courtyard.

Choose a table (you can’t sit where someone else is sitting already). Mouse over the chairs, and you can see where you need to sit. Eat the dish(s) available at the seat you picked and either move from chair to chair, or hope people in the other seats are nice enough to pass to you.

*If you eat all 5 foods, you will get a buff that gives you 10% bonus to your reputations!! So once you’ve done all the achievements that you want, grab yourself a buff and get to work on your grinds, just don’t let the buff drop!

Pilgrim’s Peril – While wearing either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital’s Bountiful Table.

You do not need to eat at the tables for this achievement, just grab a quick seat. Which is good because at least half of these you will be flagged, and its hard to keep your resilience up when you have to switch some gear for pilgrim cloth.

You get any piece of the clothing from completing the Pilgrim dailies from the achievement “Pilgrim’s Progress” So don’t forget to turn in those dailies first. If possible, try to do this offpeak. Also this is a good time to organize a “For the Horde” run, or if you have a guild like mine that likes to decimate ally cities for fun.

Alliance Tables:

Ironforge: directly outside the main gates to the city.

Stormwind: directly outside the main gates to the city.

The Exodar: directly outside the main entrance to the city.

Darnassus: in the small courtyard directly west of the city gates (where the training dummies are located).

On PvE servers, Horde players will not get flagged visiting the tables at Ironforge and Stormwind for Pilgrim’s Peril. You will get flagged at the Darnassus and Exodar tables. (fortunately for us, the ally’s are never in those cities, eh?)

*note on efficiency, start in Org, fly to the coast in Ashenvale. Stay to the coast til you get to Darkshore. Take either the boat to the right(Darnassus), or to the back(Exodar), whichever is there. Hit the city, then go back and take the one you didn’t take before. Once you knocked out those 2, take that boat you passed up on the left and you’re off to Stormwind. Grab the table there, then go back into the city and to the Dwarven district. Run through the port to the tram and hop a ride to Ironforge. Done and dusted, though you may have a few more deaths this way. Try to do it offpeak.

Pilgrim’s Progress – Complete each of the Pilgrim’s Bounty dailies.

Time to get rid of some of that food cluttering up your bags. Do the dailies to earn the achievement, but to also get your Pilgrim clothing (you need to get the hat, Turkey Shooter, and either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire)

  1. Can’t Get Enough Turkey: Bring 20 Slow-Roasted Turkeys to Ondani Greatmill outside Orgrimmar.
  2. Don’t Forget the Stuffing!: Bring 20 Spice Bread Stuffing to Ondani Greatmill outside Orgrimmar.
  3. Easy As Pie: Bring 20 pieces of Pumpkin Pie to Marhara Goldwheat outside Thunder Bluff.
  4. She Says Potato: Bring 20 Candied Sweet Potatoes to William Mullins in Undercity’s courtyard.
  5. We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?: Bring 20 servings of Cranberry Chutney to Roberta Carter in Undercity’s courtyard.

Sharing is Caring – Pass one of every dish at a Bountiful Table.

Do this while doing Food Fight, Pilgrim’s Paunch, and Now We’re Cookin’.

Mouse over a chair to see the type of chair it is. Sit down at each chair type and press 1 to pass the dish to the next seat. That’s it.

Terokkar Turkey Time – Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim’s Hat and either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire.

Don’t forget your pilgrim gear!!!

You can do this normal or heroic mode so don’t fret if you don’t have enough honor to get your key. However, if you do have heroic access, I really recommend giving this a shot. Anzu, who drops the raven mount, is now a free boss in the instance (used to only be summonable with a druid). The instance and boss are quite easy to solo for most 80 classes even on heroic, I farm this daily on my offspec enhance shammy with no difficulties.

Sethekk Halls is in the Auchenai circle in south Terokkar, Outlands

The Turkinator – Hunt enough Wild Turkeys quickly enough to gain Turkey Triumph. You need 40 turkeys within 30 seconds of each other to keep the debuff from falling off. They are ordinary critters so you don’t need to be a high level to get this done, but it helps to be high enough to not worry about the mobs in proximity of the turkeys. I don’t suggest looting the turkeys while doing this achievement unless you are a very fast class (ghost wolf, travel form) or have quick range. Hope for luck that they are not too far apart.

For Horde, the best place I found for this is at the base of the large hill heading up toward Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades.

It’s not a bad idea to make a macro that targets the turkeys (“Wild Turkey”) and can fire off something instant (and ranged) to kill them.

Turkey Lurkey – Blast those dirty, sneaking Rogues with your Turkey Shooter.

All I can say is good luck. Hit up the rogues in your guild, hope that your friends have an empty spot on their account….. I promise you after an hour or 2 online (probably less) every rogue will be moving around stealthed. Hang around the Dalaran banks (north for the horde side, south for ally) and hope you find some friendly rogues who’ll let you shoot them.


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