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Tripping the Rift 2 – Elemental Invasion

Yup, like all things this too has been nerfed…. kinda….

If you have not yet seen the elemental invasion of Thunder Bluff, or Orgrimmar, you should really get out of Dalaran more.

Every 2 hours the major cities will come under fire from the elementals. Thunder Bluff gets attacked by Air and Water, and Orgrimmar is overrun with Fire and Earth. They remain up for 1 hour.

These elementals still count toward Tripping the Rift, but they are not so easy to take down. There are 2 phases to the encounter. The first is the easy elementals. I solo’ed these guys no problem as an 80 shaman in TB. The goal of this phase is to run to the boxes, pick up a totem-looking device, and drop it on the designated arrows. Easy as, though you may have to go searching for the arrows toward the end. Once that’s done phase 2 starts. For TB there were 5 districts that opened rifts, each housing some nasty elite elementals. I was still able to solo, but not without pulling off some tricks every now and then (maelstrom healing = win). Even then, I died 3 times while waiting for the reinforcements from the Org event to come over. We grabbed about 15 of the people from trade/general and from there was able to own it much more easily, and secured the 5 districts. I saw a few people get their Tripping the Rift achievement as we finished.

After the city was secure, 2 rifts opened up. This time as portals though. These lead to special 5-man bosses (you can also cue to them from the LFD tool). Grand Ambassador Flamelash in BRD-Fire, Crown Princess Theradras in Maraudon-Earth, Kai’ju Gahz’rilla in Zul’Farrak-Water, and Prince Sarsarun in AQ20-Air. These guys drop free 251 gear (ICC10 equivalent).


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