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Tripping the Rift

Tis the beginning of the end. The Cataclysm is upon us all….

Phase 1 is pretty simple. It has just one quest chain, and one achievement. And despite that it is still a pain. =/

I’m not going to go too in depth with the quest, its average difficulty, nothing you’re going to break a sweat over, nothing you’ll have to run too far for. I won’t ruin it by giving out details, but to begin, you start by picking up “Prophecies of Doom” from Blood Guard Torek in Orgrimmar. If you can’t find him, he’s beside the bonfire between the Auction House and Bank.

The Achievement is another matter. Basically to earn “Tripping the Rift”, you need to kill each of the 4 elemental types. The achievement counts as a Feat of Strength, and awards no achievement points. Killing each one will give you a specific buff which is what is actually counting toward the achievement. You don’t need to have each of these buffs at the same time, and in fact trying to do so… well, you would have to be very lucky indeed. You can kill these elementals in any zone you happen to see them and still get the buff regardless of level. The first time you kill them, they will give you a daily quest which awards coin/xp. You can only get the daily quest if you kill elementals appropriate to your level. Now, the hard part….

There are a myriad of locations where these guys can spawn. What I’m listing is just what I found in Northrend. And though some claim the spawn is every hour, I’ve not seen anything that proves this theory. It will probably take you about 4 hours to complete this none the less, unless you are very lucky. Wowhead lists a lot of locations for each elemental type, so you will probably be doing a bit of flying around searching. A lot of the posts had locations that were a bit difficult to follow specifically, so I wrote down my own times and coordinates where I picked these up from. Don’t follow these specifically, the events are still random. For instance while I did get a kill @ Agmar’s Hammer close to an hour after the last one despawned there, I went back exactly an hour later and nothing was there. The Dragonblight and Storm Peaks locations seem to have a pretty steady spawn area. I actually camped these 2 coordinates and got the rifts as they came up. While I did find rifts at the other 2 locations, I didn’t camp them. The times I found these is Australian Eastern Standard time, all pm. Hopefully this will help you get the achievement in less time that it took me.

Zul’Drak 4:33 – Fire Elementals 62, 66

Storm Peaks 5:20 – Earth Elementals 35, 82

Dragonblight 6:14 – Water Elementals 35, 47 (this is inside the Horde base)

Sholazar Basin 7:07 – Wind Elementals 62, 77 (I also saw some around 4:40 pm but did not record the coords and they despawned before I got the buff, more’s the pity or would have been done an hour earlier)

If you want to see a list of more locations, check the Wowhead thread here http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=4887#comments:id=1081399

If you want to see what the buffs are, or are looking for some insight to whats coming up, check here http://www.wowpedia.org/Elemental_invasion

Thanks Gortia and Daylimu for the links ❤



So after a few days of this, and 5 toons later, I belive I actually have it worked out, and can cut a lot of time off this. The rifts spawn every 50 minutes, and will remain up for the next 10 minutes unless other players kill the mobs and close them. The best way I found to do this is first, check the timer on wintergrasp. If it is in progress or has less then an hour to go, start off in Storm Peaks. If its 1-2 hours go for SB. The above coord’s are correct still. Basically camp one of those 2 spots until they spawn. Once they’re dead, make a bee-line to the next one without wasting any time…
SP -> ZD
SB -> DB
Unless people are at the second one closing it, you can probably make both within the 10 minutes. I suggest SB > DB > SP > ZD myself as SP tends to be the most camped, at least on our server.

To add for the Ally’s, I didn’t write down the location but you can find them in the Ruby Dragonflight area.

If you’re 60 – 70 (as my pally was 65 when I did this)
Netherstorm: 30, 64 next to Area52 (Wind)
Nagrand: 33, 41 (Earth)
Zangarmarsch: 46, 60 (Water)
Hellfire P. : in Falconwatch. (Fire)
From wowhead, they all worked fine.


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